What We Do

Founded in 1919 by the Daughters of the American Revolution with 110 acres of land generously donated by community members, Tamassee DAR School began as a boarding school to serve girls residing in the Appalachian Mountain areas in what was then called the “dark corner”.   Education along with God, Home and Country would be the tools used to “brighten their darkened horizon” for a better future.

Today, Tamassee DAR School is a non-profit children’s home and family service organization, serving children through our Residential, Educational and Outreach Programs.

Located in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of Tamassee, South Carolina, the 110 acre campus provides a serene backdrop for children enrolled in our program.  One of seven cottages (homes) located throughout the campus are used by our Residential children.  Our LifeBridge Program serves children transitioning to their next stage of life (home, job, college, etc.).  Our on campus Community Children’s Center provides superb day care and afterschool services for families in our local communities.


Tamassee DAR School admits children in one of two ways. The first way is through the Department of Social Services such as the South Carolina Department of Social Services. The second type of admission is through Private Placements. Privately placed children currently live at home with a parent, grandparent or legal guardian and may need out-of-home placement.


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Residential Care

The Residential Program offers year-round services to children.  Each of our seven cottages (homes) serves up to 8-10 children. Children are grouped according to gender and appropriate ages.  The children are attended to and supervised by two Teaching Parents (trained and loving professionals that tend the children each day).


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LifeBridge Program

The Tamassee DAR School LifeBridge Program provides a “safety net” as children transition from our Residential Program into their next stage of life.  This transition may be in the form of being reunited with birth family or being adopted, living and learning independently in a career, or pursing higher education.  Our LifeBridge Apartment located in Clemson, South Carolina serves as the home to our graduates pursuing higher education and/or learning to live independently.


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Community Children's Center

The Pennsylvania Children’s Center serves infants, preschoolers, and children up to age 12 needing after school services.  The Children’s Center is open to the public and serves our local and surrounding community families.  The Pinnacle Curriculum is utilized as our core teaching material and is a faith based educational learning experience built around state standards to offer developmentally appropriate activities.


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At Tamassee DAR School we believe in the education of the whole child: physically, emotionally, academically and spiritually.  Each child in our care has the opportunity to explore their potential and to receive the tools and resources they need to help them achieve and become successful not only in academics, but in life.    From an on-campus Learning Resource Center to College Scholarship opportunities, we believe education helps children build brighter futures.


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