Wrapping Up the School Year

May. 29, 2020

The Tamassee Student Association held the first ever Virtual Homecoming event on Saturday, May 23. For many of the alumni who joined in, it represented their first participation in an online video event, which only resulted in more fun and excitement! It seemed fitting that no matter what decade the alumni attended school on campus, this year they returned to Tamassee to grow technologically through the learning opportunities related to the virtual event.

The website that was built to supplement the actual virtual meetings provided a place for former students to post photos and their favorite Tamassee memories.  An online Tamassee Trivia offered prizes to top 3 contestants. Commemorative t-shirts were available for purchase, and you could participate in the online fundraising Dunk Tank, which provided support for the new programs and services, while virtually splashing Jason Eller, Dean Bare, Carolyn Cantrell, or CEO Jon Holland! The Chapel Service included a memorial component with a moment of silence to remember those who have passed since our last gathering. The business meeting was an update on programs by Jon Holland along with a question and answer opportunity.

Two sessions were reserved for open classmate chats, and both were very well attended. The second chat of the day was so much fun that it lasted almost 2 hours longer than it was scheduled and ended with request to do it again someday soon.

On Tuesday the final campus Awards Day event for residential students was held. It was a bitter-sweet, emotional roller coaster, type of a day for the remaining students and staff. Although we enjoyed celebrating the educational, social, and citizenship achievements the children experienced over the past academic school year, the knowledge loomed that over the next few weeks the last of our residential children will be leaving.

As we sunset the residential program, we would like to reiterate that Tamassee DAR School is not closing. We are redirecting our resources to serve children and families in the surrounding communities through high quality early childhood learning and afterschool programs. Transportation will be available from Tamassee-Salem Elementary, NEXT Eagle Ridge, Walhalla Elementary, James M. Brown Elementary, and Walhalla Middle Schools to students participating in our on campus afterschool program.

These programs will serve children from infancy through middle school. We are looking forward to helping students excel academically, catch up to grade level in subjects where they may have experienced set-backs associated with the pandemic, instilling citizenship values, and building self-confidence through fun enrichment activities.

To reserve a spot for your student for the upcoming school year or for additional information, please call us at 864-944-1390 or visit our website at www.tdarschool.org. We look forward to partnering with you to provide the best educational opportunities available to your children.