Foster Care Program

The Tamassee DAR School Foster Care Department is a partnership between Tamassee DAR School, the Foster Family, and the South Carolina Department of Social Services (SCDSS) to help meet the needs of a child while they are living away from their own family.  Foster families provide a temporary home that encourages maintaining family connections, while ensuring safety, promoting permanency and focusing on the overall well-being of children.


  • Caring for and nurturing children in foster care until reunification with parents or relatives is possible.
  • Working as reunification partners with birth families through shared parenting.
  • Serving as members of the resource team with Tamassee DAR School, the Department of Social Services (DSS) and other community resources.
  • Becoming an alternative family resource for the child or adoptive parent, if reunification is not possible.


Our team will walk you through your entire licensing process and assist you with any resources you may need along the way.

We partner with other programs of Tamassee DAR School to offer additional support including educational assistance, grief and loss counseling and the LifeBridge program.

We also work closely with other community partners to support the children’s needs.Education is the backbone of Tamassee DAR School’s programs and services.

We are committed to supporting our resource foster families to ensure children are placed in homes where they can receive support, encouragement, and hop


Contact Amaris Gibson, Director of Foster Care Program at 864.944.1390 ext 123 for additional information on the South Carolina Foster Parent Requirements.  If you are interested, please apply today.