LifeBridge Program

The Tamassee DAR School LifeBridge Program provides a “safety net” as children transition from our Residential Program into their next stage of life.  This transition may be in the form of being reunited with birth family or being adopted, living and learning independently in a career, or pursing higher education.

Strengthening Families.

At Tamassee DAR School, we believe in building strong healthy families.  Through our LifeBridge Program, we work with the child and their parents during and after the reunification process.  Through our child care staff, we offer a variety of services such as mentoring, counseling, job search skills, trust-building strategies, communication strategies and techniques, budgeting, etc. to help meet the emotional, physical, spiritual and academic needs of the child.  The staff contacts the family on a regular basis and supports them on their journey to permanency.  Contact us to learn more about the LifeBridge Program.

Living and Learning Independently.

As children grow into adulthood and “age out of care” they are often left without the support they need to help them transition into the “real world”.  The Tamassee DAR School LifeBridge Program recognizes this need and is working to help children transition into their next stage of life, beginning while they are still in high-school.  Not all children are ready for college life and instead opt for working and living independently upon graduation.

Our professional staff work with each student to make goals, assist in finding safe-housing, job searches, interview skills, locating transportation, driver’s license, household maintenance, budgeting, cooking skills and more in order to help them live and learn independently.

Staff remain in contact through calls and visits as the students continue to grow in their independence.  Contact us to learn more about the LifeBridge Program.

Pursuing Higher Education.  

Education is the backbone of Tamassee DAR School’s programs and services.  When children come to Tamassee DAR School they are encouraged to find an interest they enjoy, be dedicated to their studies and build a brighter future through the power of education.  The higher education component of the LifeBridge Program serves students as they transition into higher education.  Students are guided through the college preparation, application process, course selection, entrance exams and more by our LifeBridge Coordinators.

Simultaneously, the new college students receive guidance and preparation on balancing independent living with the demands of college classes.  Nearly all students at Tamassee DAR School begin their college career by attending Community College or Technical School.

Tamassee DAR School provides housing through our LifeBridge Apartment Quad that is located in Clemson and near several colleges in the area.  The apartment has two same gender students per unit and is supervised by the LifeBridge Coordinator that resides on-site in one of the apartments.  Students receive encouragement, guidance, and mentoring from the LifeBridge Coordinator while they maintain a part-time job while attending college, learn cooking skills, budgeting, home maintenance, time management and more.  Transportation to school and work is provided by local bus transportation.

Contact us to learn more about the LifeBridge Program.

Our LifeBridge services include:

  • Individual and family counseling
  • Parenting guidance
  • Mentoring
  • Assistance in accessing community resources
  • Budget coaching
  • Assisting in post-secondary education

To learn more about the LifeBridge Program and services call our Child Care Office at 864-944-3022.