What is Christmas about to you?

Jan. 4, 2021

What is Christmas about to you? If we were sipping hot chocolate in front of fireplace with stocking hung from the mantel, you and I could come up with all kinds of answers to that question. Many of them would be joyful and humorous, and some of them painful and disappointing. Yet under all of those answers and the range of emotions that go with them, there is one fundamental truth that drives all of our answers to what Christmas is about. All of the family memories, the meaningful presents, the holiday traditions – and yes, the lost loved ones and broken families – grip our hearts because the truest meaning of Christmas is Love incarnate.

The story of Christmas is God loved the human race – each and every one of us – so much that he sent his Son to restore our broken world. We were of such inestimable value to him that he would not leave us trapped in ignorance and selfishness, in pain and loneliness. He would come in human form to teach and show us the way back to life. He was born into a family and a community. He came to a nation longing for salvation, to a world in need of a new beginning. From the humblest of origins he would rise to teach and show us the way. That peace on earth and goodwill for all is truly possible when we trust in Love incarnate and follow Jesus.

This year has certainly felt insufferably hard and interminably long. Yet, this year and all its challenges is not above the reality of Christmas. Love incarnate overcomes. It shines all year long. It shone this year in every good citizen who wore a mask to protect our most vulnerable from a rapid, raging virus. It could be seen in every nurse and physician who risked their lives to care the sick among us. It would be seen in every neighbor who helped cut down trees, and make meals, and give shelter when a tornado ravaged our community. It was present in every teacher and grocery store worker and postal worker and so many others who kept our essential services running. It could be heard in every prayer uttered from the bottom of our hearts.

And that Christmas love was seen at Tamassee DAR School. In every friend who supported us in a year of transition. In every volunteer who reads to a child or tutors them in math. In every donor who kept on giving in face of uncertainty so we could keep impacting children. In every staff person who did their best educate our students. So it is my joy this Christmas day to wish you and yours a very merry Christmas! May the light of Love incarnate shine every so brightly upon you.  ~ Jon Holland, Tamassee DAR School CEO