Priority Projects

Children are the PRIORITY at Tamassee DAR School.

Our Priority Projects are a special way for you to make a significant difference in the lives of the children.  Your gift to fund one of these special projects will enable us to improve our campus, support our programs and enhance our services for the children.  Each fully funded Priority Project also provides you with a naming opportunity in recognition of your gift.  Contact the Development Office at 864.944.1390 to discuss a Priority Project today.

  • Campus Sidewalk Project:  After decades of service, the original campus sidewalk and walkway areas are in desperate need of replacement.  Weather, shifting dirt, rising tree roots, age and other factors has caused the old mortar and natural stone to crack and break throughout the campus.  This makes paths un-level and unsafe for both visitors and children.  Tamassee DAR School staff and board have approved a plan to remove the existing damaged sidewalks and paths and replace it with quality metal reinforced concrete bedding that will make for a long-lasting, safe, smooth and attractive walkway.  Sponsored walks will receive a sidewalk display that contains a bronze plaque.
  • Campus Paving and Parking Project:  Daily demands on parking areas around campus have slowly eroded the pavements and resulted in pot-holes and deep crevasses in the parking surfaces.   The need for new parking areas has become a priority project.  For information on how you can help, please contact the Development Office at 864.944.1390 ext. 107.