Bridge Scholarships

Invest in the lives of children who need an opportunity to succeed in their education and in life.  It does not take a village to show you care for a child–it only takes you. 


The Need

Just as before, Tamassee answers the call for children needing access to quality education. The need for early learning and afterschool services for children is staggering.  These are some of our most vulnerable children—living with a single parent/grandparent that are at or below the poverty level; lack access to proper nutrition; have experienced trauma; falling behind in their education; and lack appropriate support for meeting their learning needs.

  • Nearly 25% of children in our service area live in poverty
  • 60% are reading below grade level
  • 67% have experienced trauma
  • 93% of students in our service area do NOT have access to afterschool programming

Tamassee’s quality programs offers safe on-campus educational spaces for children to learn; healthy snacks and meals for hungry tummies; Bridge Scholarships to support children in need; enrichment activities; STEM learning; physical activity and fun; and positive, professional staff and teachers.

Bridge Scholarships

Bridges often create wonder and beauty for us as we travel this great country while at the same time providing an essential service.  Bridges provide safe passage sometimes across great chasms, sharp rocky terrain or vast bodies of water.  In essence, a bridge allows us to successfully and safely cross over to our destination or reach our intended goal.

That is exactly what Bridge Scholarships help our children do today.  Bridge Scholarships “bridge” the learning gaps for children who are struggling in school while also helping them navigate passed adverse and rocky areas they may have experienced in their life.  Often these students are from working families who struggle to support their children’s education the way they want to and who lack the financial means to provide the quality programming Tamassee offers and that their child needs. Without a bridge to help them cross over to a better tomorrow, these children will fall further behind in their education, give up hope, and may even drop-out by the time they reach high-school.

 Here are examples of the impact your Bridge Scholarship can make. (A gift in any amount for a Bridge Scholarship is greatly appreciated.  Those that give $500 or more will receive recognition during our annual Awards Day celebration.)

  • $5,000 or more annually supports a full year of early learning for children in need including summer.  This includes cognitive and social-emotional development, kindergarten readiness, healthy snacks/meal each day, enrichment activities, and professional staff.
  • $2,000 will sponsor a full academic year of afterschool programming
  • $1,000 will help provide a summer of programming filled with enrichment and learning.
  • $500 annually assists in providing needed supplies for our citizenship program for at least 10 children.

Become a Bridge Scholarship donor today!  Click the Donate button to make a secure online gift.  Or, simply mail your check to:

Tamassee DAR School
P.O. Box 8
Tamassee, SC 29686

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