Volunteers Reflect Good Citizenship

Jul. 10, 2020

“Volunteers are the only human beings on the face of the earth who reflect this nation’s compassion, unselfish caring, patience, and just plain loving one another.” ~Erma Bombeck.

As we began to identify the need for volunteers in the after school program which is opening in August, we ran across this quote and thought about how it relates to the culture we will work to instill as part of our citizenship program.

The Tamassee after school program has been designed to consist of four primary components.  Those components are academics, enrichment opportunities, resiliency skills, and good citizenship.    The words in the quote that define a volunteer seem to closely mirror the values that are included as part of our Tamassee Navigator citizenship program.  Among many other obligations, being a good citizen in your community includes carrying out the duties and responsibilities of a member of a particular society.  Citizenship entails feeling both connected and obligated to the common good – at the simplest level, to the good of one’s own group, and at the broadest, for everyone everywhere.  In other words, recognizing ways to improve the quality of life for others and making positive contributions when the opportunities arise.  This is what volunteers do.

Children learn through example and we are searching for volunteers to be a part of the after school program who will be real life role models and whose actions reinforce the positive impacts that can be made through good citizenship practices.   The Tamassee Navigator curriculum will be used to create a culture of citizenship and from there we will empower children to be everyday heroes, much like a volunteer.  In our program, heros are defined as a person who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities, again, much like a volunteer.  At Tamassee, a “culture of citizenship” means how we model citizenship for students and how we train them to practice it.  Volunteers are shining examples.

Do you miss that rewarding feeling of accomplishment when the light of understanding flashes in a child’s eyes?  We are looking for instructors in STEM/Robotics, Healthy/Wellness, Drama/Theatre, Cooking/Nutrition, Music, Arts/Crafts, Recreation/Sports/Outdoor Activities and more.

Attention tutors who are looking to assist struggling students to make the most of their educational opportunities in 1:1 or small group sessions.   Scheduled homework times will be Monday – Thursday between 3:30 – 5:30.  Math and reading sessions will also be made available during this timeframe.  Won’t you sign up today?

The after school program is for students grade 1st – 8th beginning August 10, 2020 and following the county school year calendar.   We would love to talk to you about becoming a part of our Tamassee family.  Please call Erin Lewis at 864.944.1390 ext. 112 to discuss the many available opportunities.