Individuals, Businesses and organizations have the opportunity to help make a tremendous difference with a few of Tamassee DAR School’s special needs. The Top 10 List provides a summary of how you can give to support Tamassee DAR School and spread the good word about Tamassee DAR School. Please consider at least one of the items from the list as your special project.  You can make your gift online by clicking the “Donate” button above, and in the comments section mention “Top 10” and the item you wish to support.

Mail Checks To:
Tamassee DAR School
Office of Development
PO Box 8
Tamassee, SC 29686

Memo Section of your check:

Contact: Tamassee DAR School Development Department
(864)944-1390, ext. 108

BOARDING SCHOLARSHIP FUND:  Help sponsor children in care by providing a monthly or annual donation to the Boarding Scholarship Fund. Gifts to this fund support the daily needs of the children and our programs. Boarding sponsorship gifts of $500 or more will be recognized during our annual Awards Day Program in May.

PRESCHOOL LEARNING AND ACTIVITY TOOLS: The Pennsylvania Children’s Center is in need of items and equipment designed to promote motor and sensory growth including a good quality cd player/radio, and bicycle helmets ranging from age toddler to size 7.  ($495.77)  Outdoor learning activities and early science educational kits: Dressing frames to encourage beginners to practice dressing skills and develop finger dexterity ($79.98), Jumbo Foam Construction Set made to look just like real cinder blocks, bricks, planks and concrete pavers ($219.68), PreK Science & Nature Kit for children to ($194.81), and the Mud Kitchen is an incredible outdoor learning area, ideal for natural exploration ($469.84).

STUDENT BANQUET HALL EQUIPMENT REPLACEMENT : The Banquet Hall is in great need to replace its existing plastic compartment trays for eating. Most of the trays have been in service for nearly a decade and are showing signs of wear and tear.  These plastic trays have been used to serve nutritious meals to students, staff and guests throughout the years.  However, it is now time to replace these aging trays with more durable longer lasting compartment plates.  The new plates will be made of scratch and break-resistant melamine material that will hold up to food acids and commercial dishwasher temperatures.  We need 100 of these new durable compartment plates at an approximate cost of $800, including tax and shipping.

STUDENT ACTIVITY FUND:  Help sponsor monthly cottage outings for the children through a gift to the Student Activity Fund. Cottage outings are a good way for peers within the cottage to form bonds and to have time away from campus doing something fun like, attending a movie, going out to eat, bowling, or roller skating on the weekend. Sponsorship for a monthly cottage outing is $150-$200 (includes up to 10 children; 1 adult; and transportation).

MEDICAL FUND:  The Medical Fund supports medical, dental, and vision care for the children of Tamassee DAR School. It also provides needed medical supplies and helps to provide for the services of a campus nurse. Your support of this fund makes a significant impact in the health of our children. There are currently four students needing orthodontic care.  Funds in any amount are appreciated.

CAMPUS SIDEWALKS: As part of the Master Plan, Tamassee DAR School has identified the need to replace campus sidewalks. After years of service, the original campus sidewalk and walkway areas are in desperate need of replacement. Although maintenance and repairs have been done over the years, it now more cost effective and safer to replace the existing walkway areas. Shifting dirt, rising tree roots, and other factors have made the paths un-level and unsafe for visitors and children. To learn more about sidewalk naming opportunities, please contact the Development Office at 864-944-1390.  Thank you to those who have participated in the naming opportunities and replaced sections of the sidewalk.   There are still sections to be replaced and naming opportunities are still available.

STAND UP STUDENT DESKS: Standing desks promote movement which both energize and empower students, as well as encourage collaboration and boost engagement among classmates and educators.  Movement increases oxygen to the brain, which leads to greater student attention and engagement.  When kids move more, they exhibit better behavior and greater creativity.  48″Crank Adjustable Height Standing Desk – Wish: 8 desks at $404.91 each. We have been blessed with funds for three stand-up desks so far and only need 5 more.  Thank you!

STUDENT CLOTHING FUND:  Sponsors are always needed for the Student Clothing Fund which provides children with new and special occasion clothing, shoes, and athletic clothing for sports. Though the Thrift Store is a wonderful source of clothing, in addition to those gently used items, new items are also necessary for the growing children in our care. Your kind gifts in any amount to this fund are appreciated.

THERAPEUTIC OUTDOOR ACTIVITY: Childcare is in need of tents, a Coleman stove, and tent mats to support team-oriented outdoor and wilderness therapy activities that promote cooperation, communication, group problem solving, and conflict resolution. Wilderness therapy programs are a way of reconnecting people to the healing power of nature. The aim of wilderness therapy is to guide participants toward self-reliance and self-respect. Cost: $400  These gifts have been received!  Thank you very much!

PRESCHOOL ART ACTIVITY:  Pennsylvania Children’s Center would like 7 Colorations Machine Washable Child’s Paint Smocks.  The cost for each smock is $7.43 for a total cost of $52.01.  Smocks have been provided!  Thank you very much!