The Children Celebrate Tamassee’s Birthday!

Feb. 22, 2019

At Tamassee DAR School, we believe that the education of the total child will build character traits that can result in stronger leaders, productive citizens and responsible adults.  This is important to our society as today’s children are tomorrow’s leaders.  With this in mind, we strive to instill values that can be embraced and passed from generation to generation.

This weekend Tamassee will be hosting the first of three centennial campus celebrations.  The birthday party on Saturday is for our residential students, staff and board members to honor this long-standing philosophy and to acknowledge some of the Tamassee students who, over the years have made positive contributions to their communities after leaving Tamassee’s care.

We will enjoy a luncheon where each cottage has selected a decade to represent. The children will come dressed in their decade period attire and present historical facts, fads, and interesting information about the events that occurred during their selected era.   There will be voting and prizes awarded to the cottages with the best costumes and the finest presentations.

Each cottage will then provide a tribute to Tamassee DAR School to express their appreciation for the lives that have been changed over the past 100 years and for the love and support being received by the children and families today that are benefiting through the programs and services offered by Tamassee.

We are so happy to welcome home a select group of former students and their families who will be joining us for the day.   The stories they will tell and the memories of their time at Tamassee will be fun to revisit.   But, more importantly the knowledge of what they have done since leaving campus and where life has taken them will be an encouragement to the current students and a gratifying message to the staff who helped them along the way.

The Middle School Academy students have been working hard to create the Living Statue portion of the celebration.   Nine current Academy students will be re-enacting the stories of nine former students.  The selected re-enactments will include the first boarding student to enter Tamassee and include key characters along the way.  Once each story is told, the costume clad actors will take their place on the podiums which will have actual photos of the alumni they are representing next to them.

After the luncheon, the activity center will come alive as Tamassee’s own Jazzy Jon along with the Fresh Music Man, Mr. Biddle spin the platters with sounds from the past 10 decades.  It promises to be a good time watching the students attempt the Charleston, Hand-Jive, Jitterbug, Mashed Potato, and more……

It promises to be a great celebration of the success Tamassee DAR School has experienced throughout the past 100 years and a grand welcoming to the challenges that we will experience as we enter the next 100 years.