The Call

Nov. 21, 2016

Home is Where the Heart Is by Jason Eller…….

Recently, I received a phone call from a Tamassee DAR School alum that made me remember and appreciate that home is where the heart is.

The caller, “John” is a 1991 graduate of Tamassee DAR School and he wanted to update us on his life and receive an update on current happenings of Tamassee DAR School.  As we discussed staff, students we went to school with and what we are doing now, the conversation turned toward what Tamassee DAR School meant to both our lives.

John stated, “You know, Tamassee DAR School was my home…only one I really knew.  I remember all the times I had and I am certainly grateful for the people that helped me.”  I also expressed my feelings on that subject with John.  Sharing in the same affirmative belief that Tamassee DAR School was my only home when I was a student.  David continued by saying, “I guess we were both lucky to have a place like Tamassee.  I know I wouldn’t be calling if it hadn’t meant something to me.  I now have children and working and I may not always have the right answers, at least I knew the difference between right ones and the wrong ones.  I think Tamassee helped me that.”

After several more minutes of reminiscing, John and I said our goodbyes, but not before getting contact information and a promise to visit his home, Tamassee DAR School in the near future.  John’s final words before the call ended was, “I will be in touch and visit soon, after all, home is where the heart is.”

Tamassee DAR School has been serving children like John for nearly a century.  Although programs change and services are adapted to support the needs of children today, I believe that some things remain constant.  The feeling of home.  A place of belonging.  That is what John and so many other children have expressed that have experienced Tamassee DAR School.  It is home.  With God’s grace and wisdom, along with kindness and generosity of friends, Tamassee DAR School will continue to be a home for children as we approach our second century of service to children.