Bells were ringing across Tamassee DAR School

Sep. 20, 2019

Did you hear bells ringing at 4 p.m. on Thursday, September 17th?  Did you pause to give thanks for those who took up arms and fought for our freedom from British rule 232 years ago?   Were you amazed at the vision, foresight, and knowledge of the leaders, who in 1787 united the colonies together by creating a document which lead to the formation of one perfect union known as the United States of America?

Members of the Walhalla Chapter DAR – Daughters of the American Revolution ensured that the students of Tamassee would take time that day to make real, the part of our country’s history that defined us as a nation.   To be a member of the DAR, a female must provide documents to prove she is a descendant of someone who fought for our freedom in the Revolutionary War.   DAR members know the history well and from start to finish they were happy to share it with the students and staff on campus.

The Walhalla Daughters came prepared and brought with them a life-sized timeline of the revolutionary period.   They engaged the students by asking them to place a marker on the timeline of major events that had occurred.   The ladies talked about South Carolina’s history and the contributions made by the colonists from the Palmetto State, along with the battles fought by other colonies as well.  The DAR members then outlined the constitution, what it means to us today, and why it is important to continue to protect and defend it.

Once the revolutionary war history had been thoroughly explained, and the children’s questions had been answered, together, we recited the Preamble of the Constitution, the Pledge of Allegiance, and using an old timed feather quilled pen, we all signed a proclamation declaring our support of the United States Constitution.

At 4:00 p.m. exactly, the talking stopped and everyone picked up their hand bells and proudly rang them to recognize that moment, 232 years ago when the Constitution of the United States was officially signed by those who had created what has been referred to as the greatest vision of human freedom in history.

Once the lesson and the celebration was over, there was cake, cupcakes and drinks to be enjoyed by everyone!

Tamassee DAR School takes pride in providing opportunities for children in our care to understand who we are as nation.  It is important for us to know as citizens of this great country how we came to be on our own, the values that our ancestors held dear, the price they were willing to pay for it, and what defines us as an American every single day.

Thank you to the Walhalla Chapter members for investing in the lives of the children and for reminding us of the historical events that made us who we are today.