Tamassee’s Year of Jubilee

Jul. 23, 2021

Several times over the last year, my wife has said this is Tamassee’s “Year of Jubilee.” What is that you may be wondering? Described in Leviticus 25, the Year of Jubilee was to occur every fifty years among the Israelites. In conjunction with the Sabbath Year when the land lay fallow, the Year of Jubilee decreed debts canceled, indenture servants freed, and land returned to its ancestral owners. It was a year for freedom – a year to reset and rest, but it required faith and love. The Israelites had to trust the Lord to provide enough food so they could enjoy the Sabbath and Jubilee Years, and they had to love each other enough to grant freedom to the enslaved. Ultimately, a Year of Jubilee was founded on the conviction that the land and the people belong to God, and he wants his children to rest, heal, and be free.

So why would the last twelve months or so be a Year of Jubilee for Tamassee? It has been a challenging year – from sun setting our residential program for foster children, to the COVID-19 pandemic, to the realignment of DAR support. And we certainly were not resting. We have worked incredibly hard to launch a new and remarkably successful afterschool and summer program, and to identify an exciting and life-changing new residential program for mothers and children.

Yet, with the eyes of faith, it has been a year for the Tamassee campus and cottages to rest. It has been a year for Tamassee to reset its programming, while remaining ever true to our historic mission of educating and loving children most in need. It has been a year when our Staff and Trustees have felt a renewed sense of freedom to move where the Lord is leading us, and a sense of love to work more collaboratively and effectively. I believe we have responded in faith – trusting the Lord’s provision for our future, and his wise hand of guidance.

Tamassee’s campus has a mothering presence, and a beautifully feminine atmosphere. It’s peaceful, calming. Life is nurtured here. It has been for a hundred years, and it will be for another century. As we prepare to announce the new residential program, which will soon roll out, we think about those who will be served and we pray for the healing and freedom they will find here. We see in faith, the Year of Jubilee they will experience – freedom from what once enslaved them, rest for their souls, love for each other and a fresh start in life. We see Jubilee, and thank the Lord for all the good that is to come.

We invite you to listen for the upcoming announcement of our new program and consider getting involved.  Whether it be as a volunteer, mentor, financial supporter, or a new staff member, we encourage you to get involved as we continue over 103 years of service to families.