Tamassee – the Light

Apr. 22, 2019

Tamassee DAR School has long been referred to as “the Place of the Sunlight of God.”  While reflecting on the Easter season, I ran across this anonymous quote which immediately brought to mind the lives of the children and families being served at the Place of the Sunlight of God.

“Easter reminds us that hope must never be lost for as dark as the road may seem, there always lies light at the end of it.” ~ Anonymous

For heads of households who are confronting challenges such as financial hardships, homelessness, emotional pain, physical limitations, and countless other situations, Tamassee DAR School is here to help.  As you fight to regain your footing and resume a fruitful family environment, let Tamassee be your hope that helps you reach the light at the end.  We currently have openings for privately placed children and boarding scholarships to help fund their stay.  When children are privately placed, the parent or guardian maintains legal custody.   That means you continue to make all decisions about their care and children come home on the weekends, holidays, and/or summertime, to be with family whenever possible.  Because we believe that education is very important to each child, we do ask that you be mindful of the busy schedule throughout the week and try to limit home visits to non-school days.  Tamassee understands the importance of the family bond to each child’s development and strives to facilitate that love and relationship.

Children who come to Tamassee are cared for in every way. They make their homes in healthy, safe, and loving cottages. They are secure in knowing and following the daily routine schedules.  Their school work becomes a focus and the knowledge that education is the path to a successful future becomes a guiding principle. Their spiritual growth is encouraged through regular church attendance and participation.  They are exposed to lessons in good citizenship and patriotism, and are provided opportunities to explore their outside interests through the many outings and events sponsored by those who love and support Tamassee children.

If you are struggling on the road you are traveling and need a safe, loving environment for your children while you look for the light at the end, please contact Tamassee DAR School’s Admission Office at 864.944.3022 ext. 113.

The 7th Annual Tamassee DAR School Benefit Golf Tournament hosted by the Walhalla and Nathanael Greene Chapters NSDAR will be held on April 30th at the beautiful Cliffs Valley in Travelers Rest, SC.   Tournament play will be 4 person/teams, Captains Choice.   The cost to play is $140/golfer or $560/team.  An awards luncheon, live auction and silent auction will immediately follow play in the grand clubhouse.  For the registration form, please visit www.tdarschool.org.   There are still sponsorship opportunities available by calling Kristen Henry in the Tamassee DAR School Development Office at 864.944.1390 ext. 108.