Tamassee Navigators Celebrate

Apr. 16, 2021

This month we will hold our last Town Hall for the Tamassee Navigators 2020-2021 school year.  The Tamassee Navigator program was developed to mold children into great American citizens. Through a culture of citizenship, we empower children to be everyday heroes.

Throughout the week, students in the Afterschool program pursue opportunities that contribute to the four main principles of the program, which are dignity, service, courage, and passion. Behaviors that demonstrate the citizenship principles are rewarded with citizenship program points. Students also work on projects themed around the four principles, which earn them pins they proudly wear on their Navigator’s sash at Town Halls. When pursuing points for dignity, which means treating ourselves and others with respect, students learned to handle disagreements and conflict with civility, practice diversity, and look for ways to make us all stronger and better. When practicing service, which means supporting causes that make their community and the world a better place, students focus on showing kindness, compassion and honor to one another. They often give back to someone who has given to them and then pursue a “pay it forward” attitude to help others. Courage – the ability to overcome life’s challenges – means earning points by facing difficulties with bravery and tenacity or working harder to improve grades or learn a new skill.  Passion – living with optimism, adventure, and passion for their interests – found students exploring projects about a new hobby or a future career pathway.

On a monthly basis, the Tamassee Navigators gather in a Town Hall meeting to discuss the various projects that had been completed. Our Afterschool Director awards points and pins to the excited students for their accomplishments. All the while, their personal sashes grow heavier as recognition elements are added.

This final Town Hall will be met with much anticipation when the Tamassee Navigator Team with the most points earned over the school year will be announced.  The winning team will be awarded the Citizens Cup – a near three feet tall wood and brass trophy – and a team outing to Six Flags in Atlanta.

The final gathering of our Navigator students will be a formal Flag Retirement Ceremony which will be led by Mrs. Ginger Haas of the Walhalla DAR Chapter. Mrs. Haas is our Junior American Committee Chair and has hosted monthly meetings throughout the school year to solidify patriotism and instill love of country in the hearts of our young Navigators. We are very appreciative to her for the time and attention she gave each of these precious children.

We are now taking enrollments for our Summer Day Camp program.  Weekly activities will be structured by themes.  Corresponding activities associated with the themes will promote fun and provide learning opportunities.  Pick up and drop areas are being established for families who live in the Walhalla and Seneca areas.  For more details visit www.tdarschool.org or call Mr. Tyler at 864.944.3022 ext. 114.