Tamassee – Here and Back Again

Aug. 23, 2019

Sally was familiar with moving around a lot, and starting over in a new school system was an oh-so familiar routine that repeated itself frequently throughout her early elementary years.  She is a quiet and shy little girl, and while making new friends is second nature for a lot of people, to Sally it did not come so easily.

When representatives from the Department of Social Services brought Sally to Tamassee DAR School she was once again, the new girl in a new environment, facing the daunting task of meeting new people and making new friends.  Besides having a quiet nature, Sally had recently been separated from her mother and understandably felt like she was alone in the world.

During her time at Tamassee, Sally developed trusting relationships with staff and her cottage mates.  When the cottage was having fun, she was laughing right along with the rest of the children.   When they were studying, she was working hard with the rest of her cottage mates preparing for the next school day. Tamassee DAR School became a safe and healthy place where she could thrive until the time she was re-united with her mom.

As with most children, Sally yearned to be with her family, and although she was sad to leave her Tamassee home, when the time came she was excited to learn that she was being reunited with her mom.

Mom was committed to creating a good life for Sally and was working two jobs to provide just that.   Sally would spend hours patiently waiting at her mom’s place of employment for the end of the workday so they could go home together.  As summer ended and the realization of the upcoming school year in a new district approached, Sally realized that she would once again be facing the challenges of being the stranger and struggling to make new friends.

Her mom wanted Sally to have a successful educational experience with opportunities for an active social life with good friends that young girls her age need.   Sally dreaded facing the future at a new school and missed her friends at Tamassee.   The decision became clear, and Sally’s mom called to arrange for her private placement at Tamassee.   Today, Sally spends her weekdays focused on her academics, completes her homework under the careful guidance of the educators in our Learning Center, and when her mom has time away from her jobs, she arranges for Sally to come home for visits.

Whether it be through the placement by the Department of Social Services, or Private Placements by loving adults, Tamassee DAR School is here to help families through tough situations for as long as they last.  Can we help you or a family you know?  For information on private placements, visit our website at www.tdarschool.org or contact the Admissions Office at 864.944.3022 ext. 113.