Tamassee DAR School Thrift Store – A Part of the Community

Mar. 19, 2021

Since the early days of Tamassee DAR School’s founding, in-kind donations from our founders became a dependable resource for students, their families and for people throughout the local communities.

Deliveries arrived from all around the country and included housewares such as curtains, dishes, linens, towels, and items of clothing such as gently used shoes, jewelry, attire, hats, and much more.   Boarding students had first access to select the things they needed, followed by the opportunity to fulfill a need for their family members who continued to struggle with poverty in their mountain homes.  On Saturday mornings, the remaining items were sold at reasonable prices to the folks in the local communities.   Even today, you can talk with community people whose favorite memories include visiting Tamassee campus on a Saturday morning in hopes of finding treasures at prices they could afford.

As donations increased and the amount of customers looking for affordable purchases grew, so did the Thrift Store.   Today the store resides in the Pulliam Center which is located directly across from the Tamassee campus on the beautiful scenic Highway 11.

As with other businesses, Covid 19 provided challenges to our ability to continue to provide the great service to which our clientele were accustomed.  To ensure maximum profits at affordable prices, the store operates with minimal paid staff.  We are dependent upon the support of many volunteers to process incoming donations, prepare items for the sales floor, perform large item pickups, and to assist customers with their purchases.   As Covid risks continued to mount and more restrictions were announced many of our volunteers understandably, opted to limit their contacts.  Consequently, donation times at the store were limited and large item pick-ups were suspended.

As the country begins to lighten Covid restrictions and a sense of normalcy begins to return, Tamassee’s Thrift Store staff anxiously awaits the opportunity to welcome back our beloved volunteers.   Please visit our website at www.tdarschool.org to check on donation days/hours, large item pick-up status, and shopping hours.  All proceeds from the Tamassee DAR School Thrift Store fund our programs and services and we thank you for your support!

Spring break is coming and so is Tamassee DAR School’s Spring break Olympics!  Register your K- 8th grade student TODAY to for 6 days of memory making fun activities.   The session will run from March 29 – April 5th, 7:30 a.m. – 6 p.m. and cost is only $100 for six full days of educational experiences including a field trip day!  Call Erin at 864.944.1390 ext. 110 enroll your student.

Weddings at Tamassee – Open House will be held April 10, from noon-4 p.m. From an engagement tea, rehearsal, ceremony, reception and honeymoon suite – we can tailor make packages to make your nuptial dreams come true.  Join us for Open House and experience the beauty and serenity of Tamassee DAR School’s campus. Our preferred vendors will be onsite to answer your questions.  See you there!