Tamassee DAR School JAC Continues

May. 11, 2020

Dear South Carolina Daughters,

As the State Chair for the Junior American Citizens Committee, I would like to thank the Andrew Pickens Chapter for sponsoring the Junior American Citizens Club at Tamassee DAR School for the past ten years, as well as those SC chapters that supported their special trips, projects and activities.  Thank you for investing in so many young lives.

A special thank you goes to Mari Noorai, the JAC advisor, for her leadership, guidance, and positive influence on the children at Tamassee through the years.  She led an outstanding program with many opportunities for community service, patriotism, creative expression, and enrichment.  Her leadership enabled many children to grow in their love of our country and to become productive American citizens.

Over the years, many of the Tamassee children won awards on the Chapter, State, SE District and National level by entering the JAC contests sponsored by the National JAC Committee. They took fieldtrips and enjoyed special activities such as visiting the Riverbanks Zoo and attending a Charlotte Knights baseball game in Charlotte.  Their community activities included making cards and gifts for veterans,  sending cards and crafts to those affected by disasters, and sending aluminum pull tabs to the Shriners Children’s Hospital where funds received from recycling were used to purchase toys and games to help children recovering from surgery.

State Regent Libby Billham asked me to contact Jon Holland at Tamassee and plan for our future.  After informing Mrs. Billham of our future JAC plans to work together with Tamassee, she has authorized me to share our plan with you as well.

Junior American Citizens Committee remains a viable and growing organization in the South Carolina State Society and the JAC club at Tamassee will continue in the fall as part of the After-School Program. As part of the Tamassee Citizenship program, our regular JAC meetings will be centered on American history, patriotism, good citizenship, community service, and creative expression in the JAC Contests.  I look forward to working with the elementary and middle school students beginning with the annual Constitution Day Ringing of the Bells in September and a lesson in October on the Mayflower to help those who wish to participate in the 2020-21 JAC contest, “The 400th Anniversary of the Mayflower: Rise and Shine for New Opportunities in a New Land”.

It is going to be an exciting year for SC JAC clubs all over our state with a new group of students at Tamassee in the after-school program and at least one new club ready to start in the fall at a school in Sumter. We are growing!

I look forward to seeing you at Fall Forum and to share more about Junior American Citizens!

Ginger Haas