Tamassee DAR School Diversifies

Oct. 2, 2020

As Tamassee DAR School transitions to a center for community learning of all ages, we are enjoying the sounds and excitement of the students in both our Afterschool and Early Childhood Learning programs, as well as interaction with community groups by providing rental spaces for their special gatherings.

Recent fund and friend raising events have provided the opportunity to share the details of the educational programs, recruit volunteers to join our Tamassee family, and to invite others to consider the Place of the Sunlight of God as a venue for their weddings, classes, family reunions, off-site meetings, and other events.

The Afterschool program is growing as word of the benefits that families are experiencing is shared by participants.  Inquiries increase as parents return to their jobs and need school-work relief after a long day, teachers identify areas where students need tutoring to improve their performance, and overall community awareness of the program grows.  If you are interested in spending time volunteering to read with a child, assist with school math, or share an enrichment talent i.e. music lessons, drama activities, dance instructions and more…we would like to talk to you.

The beauty of the Tamassee campus and the spacious facilities that are available have prompted rental activity which will provide revenue income to the school and add to the success of any event being held at 101 year old establishment.   Already tentatively scheduled are weddings, a church retreat, and a yoga class for seniors in the community.  We are very excited to welcome these events to campus and are committed to ensuring successful outings for those involved.

The Tamassee DAR School Thrift Store will be closed from October 4 – 7 for the semi-annual inventory change over. In anticipation of the effort, there will be a bag sale held on Saturday, October 3rd which features clothing only.  A 13 gallon bag can be stuffed with clothing and sold at $5.00 a bag from 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. on that day only.  Come early to get the best choices!  The Thrift Store is also recruiting ongoing volunteers to assist in the donation room preparing incoming items for the sales floor.   If you have a couple of idle hours, or a couple days a week to become a member of our much appreciated Tamassee volunteer family,  please call 864.944.1390 or send an email to tamasseekids@tdarschool.org.   Volunteers can work flexible hours that are convenient for them, and they also enjoy the same Thrift Store benefits that is available to Tamassee staff.

Whether you need a venue for an upcoming event, are interested in becoming a valuable member or our Tamassee family, or are seeking an educational advantage for your student, contact us today to see how we can help.   Covid safety precautions are followed for all programs, visits and events on Tamassee DAR School campus.