Tamassee DAR School Confronts Pandemic

Apr. 17, 2020

As you know from first hand experience, our entire worlds can change in the blink of eye.   As we have also come to realize, it’s the way that we respond to those changes that make the difference in our lives and in the lives of those we cherish.   The leadership of Tamassee DAR School has taken the threats of the pandemic very seriously and is acting to protect the staff and stakeholders, and the residential children still in our care who are once again are facing uncertainty and turmoil in their lives.

The students continue to be safe at home in their individual cottages.  They enjoy meals together in the main dining hall, play together on the playground, basketball courts, gymnasium, and have  even converted  the  main Activity Center into an indoor roller rink.  Our online wish list was updated to include board games and toys that can be enjoyed both indoors on rainy days, and outdoors for the warm, sunny weather.  We are very grateful for everyone who immediately responded to the call for help by purchasing and having theses wishes promptly delivered to campus.  The Tamassee Navigator citizenship program has been a basis for driving activities that benefit everyone on campus and has encouraged the children to grow in their sense of community.

We have established and prepared one specific cottage on campus to care for any of our students who may become sick.   We are fortunate to be blessed with loving committed teaching parents who have volunteered to provide care in the quarantine cottage should the need arise.  That cottage will remain vacant and sterile until such time.

Prior to the pandemic outbreak, the students attended various schools in the local area depending upon their grade level.  Today, they attend classes together in the Sarah Corbin Robert School being instructed by our Tamassee Academy Teachers and benefitting from the complete library and a media center with individual computers and one on one instructors.

At risk staff members have turned their living and dining rooms into makeshift offices and are working from their homes.  During certain times of the day or week, this may leave our offices vulnerable to delayed phone responses; but please understand we are operating on the bare essentials in an effort to keep everyone healthy.  It may be easier to contact us via emails to:  tamasseekids@tdarschool.org.  Please be patient as we are work to keep everyone safe.

Upcoming events such as our annual Awards Day celebration, Barter Players Theatre, Patriots Day, individual and group tours, and meetings have either been postponed or gone virtual to do our part to control the spread of the virus.

Until the time the world returns to normal, please stay connected with us through our Facebook page (Tamassee DAR School) or our website at www.tdarschool.org.  Until then, please stay safe and healthy.