Tamassee Celebrates Founders Day & Beyond

Oct. 5, 2021

What a monumental week is has been in the life of Tamassee DAR School. One hundred and two years ago, Tamassee was founded to provide an education to the poverty stricken young girls living in the southern Appalachian Mountains. During the past fifty years, the mission was to serve children who had been removed from crisis environments. During the annual Founders’ Day event, which was held last Saturday afternoon, CEO Jon Holland formally announced Tamassee’s new calling.

Each time Tamassee has changed, a new program was developed to meet the needs dictated by the society. After months of fact finding conversations with experts in the field, the Board of Trustees at Tamassee DAR School made its decision. Through preliminary conversations we have had with people in the past months, it does not take long before they offer up a story about a neighbor, a friend’s friend, a family member, or distant relative who would dearly benefit from a program such as the one being prepared for rollout in first quarter 2022. During the opening ceremony of Tamassee DAR School’s Founders’ Day event, we were excited to announce details about joining the battle to help moms recovering from additions, abuse, and other traumatic situations. Tamassee will help moms and their children rebuild their lives, strengthen relationships with each other, and become positive members in their communities.

Moms who are dedicated to rebuilding their lives will enroll in an 18 – 24 month program with a daily focus on counseling and recovery, parenting and life skills, education and job skills. Meanwhile, their children will develop a lifelong love of learning in Tamassee’s Early Childhood Learning Center, or catching up on learning in small class room environments, with low teacher to student ratios, in the on-campus elementary Academy that will be opened to serve them. Moms and their children will create safe and loving homes in the secure environment of Tamassee’s campus cottages which are currently being renovated for the new families. Tamassee will nurture a community where families encounter Jesus’ love and grace and discover the fullness of life God has for them. At Tamassee, each mom will find a life-changing community where she and her children will become who God always intended them to be. We are excited and dedicated to this opportunity to help moms break harmful patterns that, if not treated can become generational in their families.

Along with the programs provided by Tamassee, we will need countless dedicated volunteers who want to help moms and their families move into the light. Can you help a mom learn to cook a favorite recipe, maybe teach them to mend clothes or sew curtains for their homes, conduct a weekly Bible study, instruct them on routine car maintenance, balance a checkbook, or create a grocery list and shop smart?  If you have the time and the heart to serve others, we have the need you can fulfill. Of course, for those with the means to give, financial donations of any amounts are much appreciated.

To learn more about opportunities for you to help Tamassee change lives, please contact us at 864.944.1390, visit our website at www.tdarschool.org, or email us at tamasseekids@tdarschool.org.   Now is the time to make plans to join our Tamassee family and experience the joy that comes from seeing families heal.