Surviving the storm

Jan. 21, 2022

Although they are infrequent and typically more of a nuisance than a major weather impact, winter storms can also pack a powerful punch.    This past weekend, we were reminded of the power of Mother Nature as winter storm Izzy traveled through the area leaving trails of destruction in its path.

The campus of Tamassee DAR School was not excluded from the impact of the snow, freezing rain, and high winds.  Limbs of trees that have long shaded the grounds from the heat of the summer sun came crashing to the ground under the weight of the wet snow that accumulated on the branches.  Power poles and lines snapped, exploded and fell to the ground with a domino effect. But in spite of the damage that was done, things could have been far worse.

Tamassee DAR School has long been known as ‘The Place of the Sunlight of God’. It’s a place of healing and simply walking through campus surrounds you with the peace and grace of God.  As we traveled through campus surveying the storm’s damage, our eyes spotted a humungous old tree – that proudly stood guard over the Hope Cottage for many, many years – lying on the ground.  The age of the giant tree was evidenced by the size of its giant trunk size and the mighty width and expansion of its branches.  Seeing it from a distance, it was easy to imagine broken windows in the cottage, potential holes in the roof and damage to exterior structure including the front porch.   Hope Cottage is currently being renovated as a residential cottage for moms and children who will soon be participating in our recovery program, which is rolling out in first quarter 2022.  Our hearts dropped with the fear that this cottage might experience a delay in being ready in time.

As we drew nearer to the cottage, we were reminded of the love God has for Tamassee and for the protective arms he uses to wrap and comfort us in.   Upon closer inspection, the giant tree that crashed to the ground under the weight of the recent snow had completely missed, not only the cottage, but also the starlight lamps that illuminate the pathways through campus.  The tree trunk remained centered in the yard and surrounded by broken limbs and branches making it look like a peeled banana.  Amazingly, our Hope Cottage was spared by the forces of the winter storm and, as of today, renovations continue to ensure its readiness as we prepare to serve those who are so desperately seeking a place to heal their lives and their family.   Tamassee truly is ‘The Place of the Sunlight of God’.

The 10th annual Tamassee DAR School benefit golf tournament is scheduled for Tuesday May 3rd at Smithfields Golf Course in Easley, SC.   Save the date and gather your foursome to enjoy a round of golf which will benefit the children and families of Tamassee DAR School.