Summertime is Coming

May. 31, 2019

Summer vacation is coming and with it comes the promise of 3 exciting months with the children on campus enjoying our customized Summer Program.  Each morning following breakfast, the summer staff and the children will meet in the Chapel first thing.   They will discuss the activities for the day based on the 2019 program which will include the following sessions:  Art Imagination Station, Melody Circle Music Sessions, Life Lane for Lifestyles, and Collaboration Avenue for Team Building exercises.   As summer weather warms up on the days on Tamassee DAR School campus, the learning continues; it just becomes more fun!

Based on the schedule for the day, the students will travel around campus from session to session building relationships with each other while learning more about themselves, their strengths, and their interests.    Tuesdays will be designated as “Traveling Tuesday” and will include off campus adventures such as cooling plunges into lakes at the local state parks or swimming pool, hikes on familiar upstate trails with some culminating at the site of a beautiful waterfall, visits to the goat farm, and a favorite from last year – ice skating at the rink in Greenville.  Now that’ll cool ‘em off real fast!

Around campus, we will see and hear the children as they enjoy basketball, bike riding or roller skating on the basketball courts.    They will pop into our offices for a quick chat or a sweet treat once word spreads throughout the cottages of where those delights can be found.

We will say good-bye to our two graduating seniors who are both planning to relocate to the Tamassee DAR School apartment complex located in Clemson.   Under the guidance of the Tamassee DAR School LifeBridge Care Coordinator, both of these young ladies will begin becoming more self-sufficient as they transition into successful young adults.   In the fall, both of them will be focused on their studies as they attend classes at Tri-County Technical College pursuing dream careers in veterinary services.   Although they will no longer be living on our main campus, we will welcome them back with opened arms anytime they feel the need to come home, and they will always be in our thoughts and prayers.

Along with the fun that will be had during summer program, on July 27th we will be hosting a FREE event for everyone in the surrounding communities that have been a part of the 100 year long success of Tamassee DAR School.    The enjoyment begins at 2 p.m with free hot dog lunch for everyone in attendance.  Local churches will be providing homemade desserts, greetings will be brought by Lori Bailey, Tamassee CEO, Senator Thomas Alexander, Representative Bill Whitmire, and Salem Mayor Lynn Towe.  Games, crafts, display booths, music by 4Ever4Given and Conservation Theory, dance performances by local dance teams, special sales events across Highway 11 in the Tamassee DAR School Thrift Store, and more!    Mark your calendar and make plans to enjoy us for this exciting family outing.