Starlight At Tamassee – Let Your Miracle Begin

Mar. 18, 2022

Miracles happen at Tamassee.  Today substance abuse is the leading cause of family brokenness and too often it repeats across generations.  Many of these families desperately need a miracle.

Angela is 23 years old with two children ages 5 and 3. Several years ago she became addicted to opioids. Her relationships with family and friends deteriorated, and she eventually lost her job, home, and hope. Her children were placed in foster care. She was alone and broken. Knowing something had to change, she bravely went to a detox clinic to get help.

How did Angela end up trapped in addiction? She grew up in an abusive, broken home where drugs, alcohol and violence were simply a way of life. She felt unworthy of love and did not know how to give it. She started drinking, then experimenting with drugs and finally getting hooked on opioids. She dropped out of school and was on her own by age 17. She was pregnant a year later. Angela will come to Tamassee looking for a whole new life. Surrounded by the love and compassion of our staff, she will receive counseling, recovery support, parenting training, job skill development and life skills to give her children the home she never knew. At Tamassee, Angela will find a life-changing community where she and her children will become who God always intended them to be.

Tamassee’s Starlight program director, BJ Upton states, “The most effective way to impact families like Angela’s is to serve moms and children together.  That’s exactly what Starlight at Tamassee does.  Starlight is a life changing, faith infused community, where mothers and children heal from trauma and discover long-lasting freedom from destructive cycles.”

Over the course of the two-year residential program, moms bond with their children and learn how to parent them.  They will practice life skills to live independently and have educational support and job skills to help them find employment, so they can support themselves on their own.  Starlight at Tamassee provides education to children so they can catch up academically, socially and emotionally a t our early childhood learning center for infants to 4K, and in the future our academy for elementary students.

We would love for you to join us in making miracles happen, whether you volunteer with us and work with our moms and children or donate everyday supplies that they need.  Whether you refer a family to our program or give financially to support Tamassee, you belong with us.  Working together, we can help mothers like Angela restore their families and heal generations.

We are now accepting applications for the Starlight program, and they can be found on our website at:
www.starlight.tdarschool.org, or by calling our office at 864.944.1390.   At Tamassee miracles await.