Springbreak Fun at Tamassee DAR School

Apr. 8, 2016

Spring break is over and the students have gone back to school. What great memories they created during the vacation to carry with them as they return to their daily routines. The vacation began with a campus Easter egg hunt sponsored by the Skyagunsta Chapter of the Children of the American Revolution. Over 200 eggs were filled with candy treats and hidden for the youngest of the children to find. As they scampered around campus there were squeals of joy as they happened upon a hidden egg. It did not take long for all of the colorful eggs to be located and claimed as prizes by the lucky children.

As the temperature warmed and azalea bushes bloomed, the students took every opportunity to enjoy the beautiful spring days in the great outdoors. There were trips to the Clemson Botanical Garden to admire the beauty of nature and feed the ducks and fish at the pond. There was an afternoon spent touring the Stump House Tunnel in Walhalla and another outing that involved hiking at Oconee Station. One afternoon was spent at the roller skating rink followed by pizza at a nearby restaurant. Another day brought a trip to the movie theatre and enchiladas at a Mexican restaurant. The children would likely be in unanimous agreement that the most fun was had playing video games and spinning around on amusement park rides at the Fun Factory in Hendersonville, NC.

Work was combined with fun when members of the Pleasant Ridge Baptist Church volunteered to trim shrubs, weed flower gardens, restock inventory in the Thrift Store. Afterwards, they prepared and shared a barbeque picnic with the children and staff at Tamassee. When lunch was over, teams were formed and a giant game of kickball took place. Although the final score told a different story, there were no losers on this day as the good food and good fun brought with it an afternoon of good fellowship.

The lives of our young girls were blessed with a visit by Frank and Sandra Hubbard of Butterfly Ministry who brought an American Girl Doll for each one of them. Watching the girls lovingly care for their new doll-friends is a touching site. The girls are tender and loving caregivers as they comb their doll’s hair, fix their clothes, wrap them in their small quilts and read the books that accompanied each doll to provide her name and story. What a wonderful gift of love.

Warm memories are something that children will carry with them as they grow. Spring break at Tamassee DAR School provided many opportunities for the students to do just that.