Spring Break Olympics Makes Fond Memories

Apr. 5, 2021

If your child did not participate in the Tamassee DAR School Spring Break Olympics they missed some memory-making opportunities!   Ms. Erin created a week of fun activities that inspired imaginations, required focus and attention to detail, and resulted in lots of laughter from students and staff alike.

How joyful it has been to hear the laughter and cheers throughout the hallways, in the gymnasium, around the playground, and inside the activity center as the children’s competitions were held.  From kindergarten to middle school, the games and events were comprised of appropriate skill sets so that everyone would have fun participating.  Some of the events were team challenges, while others were designed to test individual skills and talents.

Throughout the week, friendships were formed and everyone experienced the rewards associated with compromising for the good of the team.  We watched as the children improved their negotiation skills and discovered more about their own limitations, personal strengths, and challenges.

Coordinated teamwork was essential throughout many of the events and instructors were on hand to ensure everyone participated in the spirit of good sportsmanship.  Watching Ms. Jessica teach the eager youngsters to play flag football for the very first time was a memory many of us will recall for years to come.   Seeing her in the middle of the offensive huddle strategically drawing upon the individual skills of each of her teammates to capitalize on their strengths, as the defensive line prepared for whatever surprise maneuver came their way was the very essence of anticipation and excitement.  Just like the big league!  TV Game Show day featured an ever enthusiastic Mr. Tyler as the host of Tamassee’s version of old favorites such as The Price is Right, Wheel of Fortune, and Family Feud.   The children paired off in teams, quickly bonded, and then encouraged each other with shouts of congratulations and round after round of high-fives.  The Activity Center was the location for ping-pong, air hockey, pool, and foosball tournaments, while the dining hall provided breakfast, snacks, and a hearty lunch which fueled the children who were clearly weary at the end of the day.   Thank you go all the families who entrusted their children to our care during this week of fun and excitement.

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