Self Discovery Through Art

Jul. 15, 2016

At Tamassee DAR School the summer is filled with occasions for children to discover who they are and what hobbies, skills or crafts they enjoy doing. Understanding who you are as a person can help build self confidence, create a sense of belonging, provide an escape from daily routines and help light your path for the future. Sometimes the children happen upon the insight by accident and sometimes they find it as they participate in new opportunities.

This past week Tamassee DAR School children were blessed with chances to explore their inner self, express their emotion through creative outlets and experience the joy available to them through the world of artistic expression.

For the second year, Mrs. Wendy Brott, an Ohio Daughter of the American Revolution member and high school art teacher traveled to our campus for a week long special session of the Tamassee Summer Program. Mrs. Brott came bearing all the supplies necessary for the children to spend a week designing and creating unique art projects to display in their bedrooms, cottages and campus buildings. Age appropriate projects were pre-planned, prepared and completed by all the children who marveled at their newfound skills.

Arriving with Mrs. Brott was high school drama teacher, Ms. Sharon. Introduction to drama sessions were hosted where children were invited to explore their comfort levels related to performing in front of an audience and to express themselves through acting exercises.

This week, Tamassee DAR School was also blessed with the gift of musical instruments. Our musical program was substantially expanded by a loving and generous donation of guitars, a mandolin, banjo, violins and much more. Students who have discovered a love of music will now have the opportunity to further explore that interest and develop a talent that can follow them throughout their lifetime. Once the instruments were settled into the new music room, a young student who has been studying the guitar during her time at Tamassee played for the donor. As she strummed the strings, her tiny arms embraced the instrument and the determination on her face showed she was embracing the opportunity to showcase her new found talent. What a joyful moment it was as she completed the piece, put down her guitar and grinned with pride as her applause was received. Self confidence in the making!

At Tamassee DAR School we are excited to watch children grow in the understanding of who they are and to help them identify special interests that will provide positive outlets for their creative side throughout their life.

Please plan on joining us for the Tamassee DAR School 4th Annual Tiki Hut Community Giveback Night. This year the evening, which includes an all you-can-eat Italian Buffet, silent auction and the opportunity to learn more about becoming a Tamassee Faithful Donor will be held on Wednesday, August 17 from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. at the Tiki Hut Lakeside Grill in Seneca, South Carolina.