Seasons Change at Tamassee DAR School

Mar. 20, 2020

As Tamassee DAR School begins its second century of service, it is with a renewed commitment to serving the educational needs of the children in the community.   Our residential program which has provided a safe home and a loving and nurturing environment for children whose lives had experienced trauma is being discontinued.    You can learn more about the sunsetting of this program by visiting the Tamassee DAR School website at,  or by watching the four videos that have been added to our Facebook page at

We are forever grateful for the opportunities in the past to help children and families, and for your dedication and support in changing every one of those lives.   As Tamassee moves forward with the new programs and challenges we will face, it is with confidence knowing that you will be there to support us in those new endeavors.

With the cloudy, gloomy weather over the past few weeks, the fear and limitations created by the coronavirus, and the announcement of the Tamassee program changes, it has been easy to miss the beauty of spring which has subtly arrived on campus.  Trees and flowers have quietly exploded into spectacular shades of pink, yellow, and white reminding us that although seasons change, life continues and luckily, beautiful opportunities abound.

As we work through the changing of seasons at Tamassee, there is an excitement for the new programs and educational opportunities we will be bringing to children.   The current Early Childhood Learning program at the Pennsylvania Children’s Center here on our campus will expand to serve more families who want quality childcare for the infants and toddlers.    We are excited to instill a love of lifelong learning at a very young age to even more infants and toddlers that we will be serving.

The new after school program which will open for the 2020 -2021 school year will provide peace of mind to parents that their elementary and middle school students are in a safe environment and productively working on educational assignments, citizenship development, enrichment activities that encourage children to explore self-interests, and available trauma informed care.

Tamassee is excited to utilize campus resources, plus our experience in childcare to help parents focus on their own careers knowing their children are receiving a headstart in achieving their own successes.

In time, Tamassee’s educational programs will extend to all ages and interests in the community.   Classes in arts and crafts, which may very well  include pottery, is a possibility for the North Carolina Art Studio,  lessons in basic computer usage could be hosted in our Junior’s Media Center,  the stage of the Georgia Auditorium could be the site of live performances by students interested in exploring their love for theatre and much more….

We are excited for all the learning opportunities that will be offered and invite you to take advantage of all we will have to offer.   Go to the Tamassee DAR School Facebook page right now and “like” us today to follow our progress.