School’s Out for the Summer!

Jun. 11, 2021

School’s out for the summer at Tamassee DAR School, and we are as excited as the children.  The Summer Day Camp program officially begins on Monday, and we have been designing each component of this program for many months.  The excitement and anticipation is building!

As the children arrived for their last day of the 2020 – 2021 Afterschool Program, they were full of energy and excitement!  Let the fun begin, and begin it did!  For the first time in the Afterschool schedule, homework time was not included.  Instead, the children engaged in laser tag, fun crafts, and special treats; after all, they had earned it.

What a fantastic inaugural year it turned out to be.   The Afterschool Program served 32 kindergarten to 6th grade students throughout the year.   Our final testing results indicated that 77% of the students improved in reading, and the average improvement was a full grade level.   Ninety-three percent improved in math, and the average improvement was over a full grade level. One hundred percent of the students completed a citizenship project as a part of the Tamassee Navigator program, which is our own good citizenship building curriculum.  One hundred percent of our students participated in enrichment activities like robotics, drama, art, and many showed remarkable progress in resiliency and coping skills which were apparent in their behavior and attitudes.   Positive comments and words of gratitude from parents, caregivers, and teachers were made to our Afterschool staff who worked very hard with our students on this aspect of our program.

Monday we are excited to welcome nearly 40 students in our first Summer Day Camp program. Three new summer camp counselors have been hired, trained, and anxiously anticipate working with our Afterschool staff to spend their days making summertime memories with the campers.

Each week will have a unique theme for the activities that will follow.   The various themes are:  Stem/Coding when campers will participle in a science fair. They will challenge their ability to discover key concepts in STEM while brainstorming real world problems.  Drama week will provide campers with the opportunity to participate in the production of a play.  The children will work on all aspects of the production including acting, directing and scene setting.  Additionally, campers will learn about the history of plays and how to create their own.  During Arts and Crafts week the children will embrace their inner creative side and participate in a variety of art activities.  Lastly, Sports and Recreation will invite the campers to participate in a variety of activities and games related to various sports and recreational activities.  This will include learning about the origin and history of the sport.

We are always searching for volunteers who would like to enrich the knowledge of the children in our care.  If you have a special connection to any of the themes and would like to get involved, please call us at 864.944.1390 ext. 102.  Wishing you all a happy summer time filled with warm and wonderful childlike memories!