Reflections Build Encouragement

Feb. 10, 2020

“Just before I came to Tamassee when I was 13, I was sleeping in unlocked cars at gas stations, I was in horrible shape in every way imaginable, I didn’t have a chance in the world, now 50 years later I am Chairman of the Board of Directors of Warren County Department of Social Services, imagine how much I love Tamassee and the DAR”.  

If you follow Tamassee DAR School on Facebook, this quote will seem familiar to you as it was a recently posted comment by a former student.   The statement was in response to the invitation to students, staff, and supporters who follow our page to “share stories of your time and how your life was changed”.  For those who are not active on social media, the comments that were received are well worth sharing in newspaper print.

Too often, we as people, get caught up in the daily act of living and spend very little time reflecting on how we arrived in our present circumstance.   In response to a simple Facebook post, thirty one thoughtful memories were posted which reminded us of the scripts being flipped by students every day at Tamassee DAR School.    This is what the Place of the Sunlight of God was founded to do.   Help youth in need find a safe secure environment to grow up in, and obtain the education necessary to become good citizens and contributing members of society.

My home for almost three years. Loved Tamassee. Before going there I was in 23 different schools. Graduated with scholarship to nursing school. Class of ’65.

I was here in 1993 till 1995, in TDAR California Pouch Cottage I think.  I never knew what it meant to have people truly care about me until I was here. I loved it here.

So thankful and blessed to have lived at TDAR while I was in my high school years. Nothing helped me and prepared me more for the real world…

Comments such as these are very rewarding to the staff and supporters of Tamassee.  They encourage us to stay focused, remind us of the end all prize, and help us realize that we are making a difference through these real life stories of students who have made it.  We could not be more proud of each one of them and the thousands of others who passed through the gates and we say to them, “thank you” for the thank you.

Mr. Bare who retired as Tamassee’s CEO after 27 years of service summed up the joy of being a part of the Place of the Sunlight of God with his post, “27 years of the greatest experiences ever imagined! The most awesome young people who still bless my heart daily! The greatest staff and faculty members in this world. God gave us friends from our community, from the DAR and from alumni who blessed us every day with new life experiences!  Tamassee DAR School is truly the Place of the Sunlight of God!”