Tamassee Programs Continue to Grow Even as NSDAR Votes to Suspend Funding

Nov. 3, 2020

Dear Friends of Tamassee DAR School,

The needs of at-risk students in our community are ever evolving. Changes in federal and state legislation, the global pandemic, and economic uncertainty continue to impact Tamassee DAR School and her students in ways no one could imagine a year ago.

Tamassee DAR School’s Board of Trustees, Staff, and Donors remain devoted to the Founders’ vision, unwavering in their commitment to provide educational opportunities for this community where nearly 25% of children live in poverty. In rural South Carolina, working families simply do not have the means to pay for the educational programs and services provided by Tamassee DAR School. Over 50% of students who enroll at Tamassee are below grade level in reading and math. These students desperately need our support if they are to realize scholastic success.

On October 10, 2020, the National Society DAR Board of Management voted to cease funding for
Tamassee DAR School; however, each individual and each chapter in South Carolina as well as any other
state society can still support Tamassee. We are deeply grateful for our 100-year partnership with the
NSDAR, yet this shock comes during a time of vital transition as we prepare for the future. During the past
year, dedicated members of Tamassee’s Board of Trustees made every effort to ensure financial
sustainability through wise stewardship of the resources entrusted to the agency. In parallel, the Tamassee
DAR School Staff successfully expanded the curriculum with robust, accredited programs, specifically:

Early Childhood Learning Program
An educational mainstay in the community for 40+ years, newly enhanced with an evidence-based curriculum approved by the South Carolina Department of Education to stimulate early brain development and kindergarten readiness.

Afterschool Program
Launched August 2020, provides individualized instruction for students below grade level in reading and math, features degreed teachers, evidence-based curriculum, volunteer tutors, and programs accredited by the Council on Accreditation

.…plus, more new programs this Summer!

Your continued support makes it possible for Tamassee kids to discover their strengths-based potential,
learn the value of good citizenship, and build skills for a resilient future. As SC Vice President General and a
Tamassee DAR School Founder Mrs. Grace Ward Calhoun said, Tamassee will “…bring the glow of
education to brighten their darkened horizon.”

We resolutely believe the future is bright for the children of Tamassee DAR School! Thank you for your
prayers and continued support.

For their future,
Jon Holland, CEO                           Linda Hawkins, Board Chair                               Libby Billham, State Regent
Tamassee DAR School                 Tamassee DAR School                                        SCDAR State Society

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