New York Daughters Visit Tamassee

Nov. 5, 2018

Last week Tamassee DAR School welcomed twenty-six members of the New York State Society Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) to campus for the day.   The pouring rain, which we lovingly referred to as liquid sunshine, consistently fell on the Place of the Sunlight of God, but it did not dampen our guest’s enthusiasm for the children or their appreciation for the work being done.

Lunch was held in the Banquet Hall, followed by the Road to 100 slideshow presentation of Tamassee’s history. The ladies listened intently to the vision, drive, and dedication of our early founders who were, coincidently also members of their same organization.  It is the common bond that we share and it brought many questions to their minds and stimulated discussions.   Throughout Tamassee’s history the New York State Society of the DAR has been very supportive of this mountain school.   Among other things, they built and fully furnished the second cottage on campus in 1923.  The chapel was a gift from an officer of the New York State Society, and in 1989 they built their second residential cottage on campus.

After the presentation, the umbrellas were back up and with the toughness and determination shown by their DAR forefathers, we braved the rain and toured the campus.   They visited not only the New York facilities, but also those funded by some of their fellow state societies.   For most of these guests, it was their first visit to Tamassee DAR School and along with the rain, they soaked in the beauty of the campus and gained a firsthand appreciation for the work being done here.

When the school day ended, our New York guests had the opportunity to visit their current New York Cottage and meet the children who call it “home”.  It was hard to identify who was more excited at the meeting- the youngsters or the ladies.   Smiles and laughter filled the cottage as together, they enjoyed pizza, drinks, and conversations.  The students took the ladies by the hand and provided tours of the cottage and shared their favorite books and stories.  It was not long before one of the ladies picked up a guitar and immediately the young children were singing.   Before long, the entire cottage was filled with song as everyone joined together for an old fashioned sing along prior heading to the Banquet Hall for an ice cream social with all of the other children.

If you spend time chatting with a former Tamassee student, you will most likely learn of a very special DAR member who they met during their time here. If you talk long enough they will tell you about the positive influence that lady had on their life. It was a joyful day at Tamassee as more relationships and friendships were formed by the children and members of the organization who have loved and supported them for over 99 years.