Morning Promises

May. 21, 2019

Early morning is my favorite time to walk through campus.  The sun is rising over the Chapel, the birds are singing, and the squirrels are hurriedly looking for their breakfast.    But, more importantly the children are up and moving.   The campus is alive with their sounds as the middle schoolers are strolling to the Academy in the Robert Building, while others are at their designated bus stop waiting for transportation to their school.

As I see them weighed down with their book bags and often times carrying cardboard project posters for extra credit, my hope is that they have completed all of their homework, are caught up on their class assignments and ready to begin building upon the knowledge that they absorbed during the previous day’s classes.   As I pass them on the sidewalk, some are wide awake and others have tossled hair and no pep in their step.  You can easily spot them because their friends let them lag behind as a show of respect for their need for morning solitude.

The bus for the high schoolers stops in front of our Administration Building which is my destination.   The older boys love to sit in the welcoming rocking chairs on the front porch as they wait and it provides me with the opportunity to tell them good morning and the customary “have a good day.”   There is something special in their reply, “You have a good day too, Ms. Connie,” that makes me think I really will!    It tickles me when they ask if I have chocolate in my office because it is no secret that I typically do.  It always triggers the customary response from the mother in me that, “chocolate is not a healthy breakfast food,” and they provide the customary promise that they will keep it until later.

Soon, that will all come to a summer conclusion with the end of school year.  On Monday we will hold our annual 2019 Awards Day.   Throughout the year, supporters will contact us to provide sponsor awards or scholarships which will be distributed during this program.    Our graduating seniors will enter the auditorium in their cap and gown to the sounds of pomp and circumstance.  They will process up onto the stage where they will anxiously wait to hear their names called as recipients of college scholarships which will help them achieve their dream of higher education.   There will be award certificates, awards money, medals, and trophies for those who have met the requirements of the sponsored awards.   As each one is announced, the winners will run up on stage to receive their acknowledgement and their cottage mates will cheer for their successes.    We Care certificates will be presented to those supporters who assist in the ongoing support of Tamassee children by sponsoring a Named Boarding Scholarship of $500 or more.

Thank you for 100 years of support for these precious children and for helping them find success through the power of education.