Making Tough Choices

Jan. 14, 2019

As we enter the first few days of our Centennial Anniversary, we find ourselves reflecting on the original purpose for the founding of Tamassee DAR School and interestingly enough, see that the needs of society are returning us to those early objectives.

Tamassee was founded to provide an education to the young girls living in the mountains where the possibility of building a brighter future and becoming a productive citizen was weak.

Dr. Cain, the original Tamasssee DAR School Administrator traveled to those remote locations to visit with those families. He spoke of the value of a good education in a safe, loving, supported environment surrounded by possibilities.  He talked of the many opportunities the children would have to explore their self-interests, the love of country they would develop, and what it means to become a contributing citizen as they grow into adulthood.    They would experience the joy of giving back to others and continue to grow spiritually and in their love of God.

As the head of a household, there comes a time when hard decisions must be made.  Sometimes these are heart wrenching, unpopular decisions that require self-sacrifice by the leader who has the responsibility and the clear vision to make them.  Dr. Cain realized the love of the family that existed within the households and he fully recognized the sense of obligation held by the household heads to protect their children from strangers. But he also knew the promise of Tamassee DAR School and how this decision could change the life of the children once they became students.   So he continued to gain the trust of these families through the changes that each family saw in the children as they returned home to visit.  Soon word was spreading and the families arrived seeking Tamassee.

Today, we hear stories of grandparents and other surrogate family members who are struggling to raise children who have been placed in their care. Parents working evening or night shift jobs with no afterschool oversight for the children, students getting bullied in their current environment who just need a fresh start in a new place, students that need more individual attention than is available through our larger public school environments, and even children who are living in homelessness environments.  Tamassee is here to help.

Beautiful cottages with loving staff and friends will be there to help the children adjust and continue to grow in their self-confidence.  They will learn lessons on responsibility. They will enjoy regularly scheduled, nutritious meals to build healthy bodies and minds.  They will have routine daily schedules which they grow to love because knowing what to expect and when to expect it takes the fear out of the unknown.  A focus is placed on your child to catch up with studies where they may have fallen behind and to help them move forward daily to succeed in the classroom.  It is our commitment to you and the student.

Tamassee DAR School currently has openings for privately placed children.  This means you maintain guardianship of the child while they are under our care.  For example, children will live on our campus during the week and focus on their education and development.  If you wish they can come home to be with you during special times and thrive on your love and attention.  Our fees are based on a sliding scale, up to and including extensive scholarships available to those who qualify.     Let us speak to you about partnering to provide the opportunity for a brighter future to the children you love.  Call us at 864.944.3022 or visit our website at