Making Summertime Memories

Jun. 25, 2021

“Everything good, everything magical happens between the months of June and August.” – Jenny Han.  As we roll out the first year of the Tamassee DAR School Summer Day Camp, we have come to realize that Ms. Han’s assessment of these summer months was spot on!

The first day of camp began June 14th and was themed Sports and Recreation week.  Before the sun was too high in the sky, outside on the playground was THE place to be.   Happy campers, with an abundance of energy, enjoyed participating in everything from the proper technique for tossing a catchable Frisbee, to good ‘ol fashion games such as Capture the Flag, and various forms of a game that has survived generations of summer fun – Tag.  Underneath the shelter of the Kinney Pavilion, our friend Mr. Latimer from Clemson SNAP-Ed shared tips and samples of healthy snacks with the children, and then joined them for a tiring exercise session.  When the weather cooperated, the little ones participated in nature walks with water bottles and their vivid imaginations working overtime.

As the temperature continued to rise, the action moved to our indoor facilities.  The newly renovated health and fitness room was the site for team building activities, and the gymnasium radiated with the sounds of dodgeball, trashcan ball, basketball, and more games of tag.  The first week of camp culminated at the ball diamond with a robust game of the generational favorite – kickball! 

The 2nd week of camp, we were joined by our very special friends from Ohio, Ms. Wendy and Ms. Sharon.  For years now, these precious ladies have traveled to our campus to spend time engaging children in the wonders of the world of art.   During the week, the students are invited to explore their inner creative talents and express themselves with their completed projects.   More often than not, they are proud and amazed at what they have discovered about their talents, and eager to do some more.  Ms. Wendy is soft spoken, patient, and encouraging to all ages, and she brings with her lesson plans that are appropriate for each age group.   For instance, this week our younger students were introduced to the professional works of Mr. Wayne Thiebaud, who is American painter known for his colorful works depicting commonplace objects such as pies, ice cream cones, and pastries. Limited only by their imagination, can you visualize the joy on the faces of the little ones as they drew and painted their very own watercolor images of the perfect cupcake? Our art activities will culminate with the Tamassee Summer Camp Art Show which will be opened to all of our camper’s families, friends, staff, and camp counselors.

During Tamassee Summer Day Camp the months of June – August will indeed be filled with joyous summer memories. For information on how your child can join in the fun, call Mr. Tyler at 864.944.3022. ext. 114.