Making Dreams Achievable

Nov. 18, 2019

Steven’s grandmother placed him at Tamassee two years ago. She was given custody of Steven when his parents were no longer able to care for him, but she needed support to rear this rambunctious middle school boy. Steven has done well at Tamassee DAR School’s Raymond Academy and lives with other young men in one of our on campus homes. Along the way, Steven got into the kind of trouble you’d expect for a thirteen year old boy. As our staff discussed his choices and the lessons he can learn from them, we reminded him of the future he can have at Tamassee and beyond. A high school Academy, a job internship, a chance to make a good living right out of high school. His eyes widened with hope.

David just arrived at Tamassee DAR School a few weeks ago. He is nearing his eighteenth birthday, but due to family circumstances beyond his control, he is behind in his high school education. So Tamassee staff are supporting David as he earns his GED. He is already working at the Tamassee Thrift Store and saving his paycheck for the car he wants to buy. Independence and freedom are exciting possibilities, but David needs more than a car to succeed as a young adult. He needs mentoring, independent living skills, and a good job to sustain him. He needs the better tomorrow that you can make a reality!

Young men like Steven and David need an achievable dream. That’s why Tamassee is expanding our Academy and Life Bridge programs – in partnership with our local school district, community technical college, area manufacturers, and friends like you – to offer early career opportunities in industry. Skilled labor jobs are not only in demand but also provide a livable wage for young men like Steven and David. A $35,000 to $50,000 a year job is a great place to start a career! With the wrap around services Tamassee offers, our students will be set up for career success and exceptional citizenship.

Our community partners are the difference makers in the lives of the students Tamassee serves every day. As Tamassee’s centennial year comes to a close, the future of the Place of the Sunlight of God is bright. In the years to come, Tamassee will once again have commencement exercises. We will see our graduates placed in local jobs. They will be the kind of employees businesses are proud to have. They will create the kind of families that make our communities strong and our nation great.

Thank you for helping making achievable dreams possible for the students of Tamassee DAR School. To learn how you can partner with us, visit Tamassee online at For one hundred years, Tamassee has guided students into exceptional citizenship. Thank you for supporting us into the next one hundred years!