Tamassee Student Association

Our Purpose

The purpose of the Tamassee Student Association is to promote the interest of the Tamassee DAR School and to emphasize to each Association member the importance of having a sincere devotion to their alma mater and to each other.

Who Can Become a Member?

  •  Any student that has been a member of the Tamassee DAR School Residential Program for any amount of time.
  •  Any student who attended kindergarten-12th grade in the Sarah Corbin Robert Building on the campus of Tamassee DAR School.
  •  Any staff member who has worked for Tamassee DAR School.

Our History

In 1952 the Tamassee Alumni Association was established to promote the good of the school and comradery among graduates. From this group came many gifts including scholarships, the portraits of Tamassee’s first Superintendent (1926-1962), Dr. Ralph Cain and Business Manager (1960 – 1974), Mr. W. L. Jones which now hang in the Administration Building, and the pillars of the Smith-Mettetal Building.  Membership requirements were later revised to include all Tamassee residential students and staff.

For over seventy years, the spring Homecoming event has called thousands of Tamassee students home to see old friends, reminisce about past adventures, and support the organization’s continued work.  Events of the day typically include self-guided campus tours, visits to cottages, business meeting, banquet dinner, and award and scholarship presentations.

Become a member today and receive notifications about upcoming events and be sure to join us!

Tamassee Student Association Awards:

Young Alumni Award is presented annually during the Homecoming celebration and recognizes a member typically 40 years old or younger who is on the path of success and service through their chosen career.

Lifetime Achievement is also presented annually during the Homecoming event and recognizes a member who is at least 40 years old and has achieved success through a lifetime of service through their chosen career.

Tamassee Student Association Scholarships:

Dr. Ralph H. Cain Memorial College Scholarship was established by the Tamassee Student Association in Dr. Cain’s honor as the first Administrator of Tamassee DAR School and to continue his legacy of service to children and education.  The scholarship winner is announced at the Annual Awards Day event and the Homecoming Banquet; both held in the month of May.

Who is Eligible?

  •  Any student that has attended Tamassee DAR School’s Residential Program and holds a high school diploma and is either currently enrolled or has been accepted into a recognized college or university of higher learning
  •  Offspring of a Tamassee Student Association member that is in good standing in the Association
  •  Offspring of a current or former employee of Tamassee DAR School that is in good standing.

For Application – Call Tamassee DAR School at 864.944.1390 ext. 108      College Scholarship Submission Deadline – Spring 2020

H. Dean Bare Bridge Scholarship is lovingly named for Tamassee’s  Chief Executive Officer from 1985-2012.  The children who attended under his care, lovingly referred to him as “Papa Bare”.  This Bridge Scholarship, which bears his name is sponsored by the Tamassee Student Association and recognized annually during the May Awards Day Program.  Proceeds from this gift  provide educational opportunities for underprivileged children in our community.

2020 Officers:

President – Tracie Morris, Class of 1985
Vice President – H. Dean Bare (Administrator 1985-2012)
Secretary – Beth Boss Dabney, Class of 2003