At Tamassee DAR School it is all about the children and their families! We seek professional servant-minded people that desire to be a part of our child-centered and family-focused environment.

As a nationally accredited children and family service organization, we are committed to providing the highest quality of programs and services possible for the those we serve.  If you are interested in helping us create opportunities for students to be successful, valued, and respected—we need you to join our family!

Compensation is based on position and experience.  Eligible employees are offered a benefits package that includes health insurance, 401K plan, paid vacation, paid sick leave, and up to 12 paid holidays.

Join our Team! Should you see a position that you are interested in pursuing, please click on the application button and complete the employment application packet.  Resumes are welcome but do not replace the application.   Applications are required prior to scheduling an interview.  Please send your completed packet to Jan Honeycutt in our Human Resources Office at or by fax at 864.944.0097.

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DEPARTMENT:  Buildings & Grounds
SUPERVISOR:  Buildings & Grounds Manager                                       CLASSIFICATION:  Hourly, Full-time

Join Our Team! Tamassee DAR School is a non-profit children’s and family service organization that has been a place of hope and learning for children in need for 100 years. At Tamassee DAR School it is all about the children and their families! We seek professional servant-minded people that desire to be a part of our child-centered and family-focused environment.

POSITION SUMMARY:  The goal of this job is to maintain flower beds on the Tamassee DAR School campus by weeding, mulching, pruning, planting and fertilizing as needed to keep plants healthy.  Additional attention may be needed in spring and fall. There may be other grounds duties assigned by the Buildings and Grounds Manager as needed.


Perform maintenance on properties:

  • Safely operate equipment with all necessary personal protective equipment
  • Mow turf using various mowers; Edge grass at curbs and walkways
  • Blow leaves and clippings; Prune shrubs and trees as needed and clear debris
  • Pull weeds as needed; Clean site and watch for trash, limbs, and rocks

Plantings and Flower Installation:

  • Prep soil uniformly for flower or groundcover installation
  • Plant material properly considering depth, size, placement, and spacing
  • Apply mulch appropriately for type of material; Water material correctly
  • Edge beds or establish new bed edges

Perform maintenance on equipment:

  • Unload equipment from trucks/trailers; Wash equipment and truck
  • Change equipment blades and oil; Clean air filters
  • Grease machines

Thrift Store Support:

  • Pickups and deliveries
  • Stocking, sorting, cleaning


  • Must have a high school diploma or equivalent general education degree (GED).
  • Must be able to pass a drug test. Must have no criminal history and a clean driving record.


The work environment could include exposure to wet and/or humid conditions and outside weather conditions.  The employee is occasionally exposed to extreme cold and extreme heat. Major areas: North, middle and south gates, on Bumgardner Drive, in front of Chapel, the rose garden, the triangle between Administration and Day Care, Thrift Store, and in front of Post Office.

Other duties

All other duties as required by supervisor.

  • Other duties as assigned and expected by supervision and management.




DEPARTMENT:  Early Childhood Learning

SUPERVISOR:  Early Childhood Learning Director/Coordinator


Qualifications:  Early Childhood Learning Teachers shall be at least 18 years of age.  Teachers must have, or be actively working towards an Early Childhood Development Degree, Diploma or Certificate.  They must have the ability to be assertive and the ability to plan and organize appropriate age related classroom activities with patience and flexibility.  Have a love and understanding of young children.

Overview:  We are looking for an Early Childhood Learning Teacher to encourage the healthy intellectual and psychological growth of the children in our facilities. You will teach and supervise them while also motivating them to use their mental capacities and exercise their imagination.

Essential Functions and Responsibilities:

  • Submit weekly lesson plans and activities to be approved by the ECL Director/Coordinator.
  • Plan, prepare, organize and implement games, activities, and special events.
  • Design and follow a full schedule of activities and discover suitable teaching material
  • Use a wide range of teaching methods (stories, media, indoor or outdoor games, drawing etc.) to enhance the child’s abilities.
  • Attend mandatory training throughout the year as required by organization and licensing agencies.   Twenty-six hours required annually.
  • Observe children’s interactions and promote the spirit of concord
  • Assist with homework and evaluate children’s performance to make sure they are on the right learning track.
  • Collaborate with other colleagues and supervision.
  • Adhere with teaching standards and safety regulations as established by the official sources.
  • Remain in constant communication with parents and update them on the progress of their children.
  • Clean and organize room for the next day.
  • Dress according to TDAR school dress code.
  • Arrive at scheduled time and be prepared to work.
  • Attend all staff meetings and trainings.
  • Assist ECL Director/Coordinator in any other areas as may be deemed necessary.
  • Other duties as assigned and expected by supervision and management.


DEPARTMENT:  Thrift Store

SUPERVISOR:  Thrift Store Manager


Job Description

The purpose of the Tamassee Thrift Store is to uphold the mission of the Tamassee DAR School through financial support, as well as, in-kind donations i.e., children’s clothing, cottage needs, etc. The Thrift Store will receive and record donations offering these for resale and/or provide campus facilities with needed items.

Qualifications: High School diploma or the equivalent; past experience in moving or delivering furniture is a plus. An honest, reputable nature is a must with the ability to plan, organize and work well with others.

Organizational Responsibilities

This material handling position is responsible for the pick-up of merchandise( including furniture) from donors, safely loading and securing the merchandise in the Tamassee DAR School truck, returning to the Tamassee DAR School and unloading the merchandise. The individual must also be capable of driving the truck. Pickup teams will consist of two associates. The position will support the overall operations of sales and donations.

Associate will be familiarized with the policies, procedures, and goals of the Tamassee DAR School. Working professionally with co-workers, children, community, volunteers and donors with a positive attitude toward all aspects of the position; striving for success and a high quality of work being mindful that all personal and professional actions should reflect positively on the School.

Service Responsibilities:

Pick up/Delivery
Store environment
Receivables as needed

Expected Commitment

  • The Thrift Store Associate is expected to work a flexible schedule to include weekends. (Part-Time, Saturdays, and weekdays.)
  • The Thrift Store Associate must be available to assist with departmental activity as needed.


Pay: $9.00 per hour