At Tamassee DAR School it is all about the children and their families! We seek professional servant-minded people that desire to be a part of our child-centered and family-focused environment.

As a nationally accredited children and family service organization, we are committed to providing the highest quality of care possible for the children we serve.  If you are interested in helping us create opportunities for children to be successful, valued, and respected—we need you to join our family!

Compensation is based on position and experience.  Eligible employees are offered a benefits package that includes health insurance, 401K plan, paid vacation, paid sick leave, and up to 12 paid holidays.

Join our Team! Should you see a position that you are interested in pursuing, please click on the application button and complete the employment application packet.  Resumes are welcome but do not replace the application.   Applications are required prior to scheduling an interview.  Please send your completed packet to Jan Honeycutt in our Human Resources Office at or by fax at 864.944.0097.

Tamassee DAR School
c/o Jan Honeycutt, Human Resources Officer
PO Box 8
Tamassee, SC  29686

Teaching Parent

  • DEPARTMENT:  Programs

SUPERVISOR:  Chief Programs Officer

Position Summary:  This is a live-in position that requires daily attention to the emotional, educational, physical, social and Christian needs of the children in care. Work schedule is 4 days on and 3 days off depending on scheduling. Immediate openings are available and the position is full time.

Requirements:  Applicant must be at least 21 years old with a high school diploma, GED or higher, excellent driving record, no criminal history and be able to pass a drug test.  Experience is preferred, but not required.  Responsibilities include a professional, goal-oriented team approach to meeting the needs of children whose families are in crisis.

Teaching Parent Sub


SUPERVISOR:  Chief Programs Officer

Position Summary:  This part time live-in position requires daily attention to the emotional, educational, physical, social and spiritual needs of the children in care.  Candidate must be able to work flex hours and days depending on the needs of the organization.

Requirements:  The Teaching Parent Sub must be at least 21 years old with a high school diploma or GED.  Candidate must have an excellent driving record and no criminal history.  Experience is preferred, but not required.

LifeBridge Mentor

DEPARTMENT:  Children & Family Services

SUPERVISOR: LifeBridge Coordinator                                       CLASSIFICATION:  Salary-Exempt


Candidate should have a BA in Human Services or a similar field. He/She must have strong organizational skills, attention to detail, and the ability to handle sensitive information with the strictest of confidentiality.  He/she must have excellent written and verbal communications skills, strong computer skills and report writing skills.  Candidate must have a personality conducive to dealing with children, adults, and DAR staff in a variety of unique situations. Candidate must have the ability to turn in mandatory reports on time. Candidate must also be committed to developing and implementing a curriculum that will ensure success for each student as they become an adult.

Candidate must be able to reside in program housing, to be considered their full time residence. Candidates’ apartment would not be utilized in anyway by the program participants.

HOURS: 25 hours per week

Population Served:

LifeBridge clients are young adults (at least 18 years old and graduated from high school or have GED) that have participated in Tamassee’s residential program and have exited and are now beginning their careers or gaining training/education in their field. The clients have passed an application process admitting them into the LifeBridge apartments in Clemson. This position will provide support services to this population.


  1. Develop a personal, caring, and professional relationship with each student you serve as LifeBridge Mentor.
  2. Develop a Comprehensive Care Plan (CCP) for each assigned student; according to TDAR time frame.
    * Identify individual strengths of each student, student needs, family needs, and goals for educational, behavioral and  family success.
    * Support student and family with implementation of CCP goals.
  3. Manage documentation requirements for each assigned student via software according to TDAR time frame to include but not limited to: education, behavior, family life, spiritual life, and independent living skills
  4. Provide activities and resources to support student success as determined via CCP.
    *  Ensure independent living skills are taught on a regular basis.
    *  Plan activities/outings.
    *  Submit an objective for the activity/outing, including funds needed, students attending.
  5. Follow all policies and procedures as established in the Tamassee DAR School Employee Handbook and Organizational Manuals.
  6. Ensure all students in the apartments comply with program expectations.
  7. Oversight of student apartment units with regard to safety, upkeep and general maintenance.
  8. Will be required to attend main campus trainings/meetings, CCP meetings for caseload, and possible activities.
  9. Other responsibilities as deemed necessary.

Thrift Store Associate (Pickup/Delivery)

DEPARTMENT:  Tamassee Thrift Store

SUPERVISOR:  Thrift Store Manager                                         CLASSIFICATION:  Hourly

The purpose of the Tamassee Thrift Store is to uphold the mission of the Tamassee DAR School through financial support, as well as, in-kind donations i.e., children’s clothing, cottage needs, etc.  The Thrift Store will receive and record donations offering these for resale and/or provide campus facilities with needed items.

Qualifications: High School diploma or the equivalent; past experience in retail display and sales is a plus.  An honest, reputable nature is a must with the ability to plan, organize and work well with others.

Organizational Responsibilities

This material handling position is responsible for the pick-up of merchandise from donors, safely loading and securing the merchandise in the Tamassee DAR School truck, returning to the Tamassee DAR School and unloading the merchandise. The individual must also be capable of driving the truck. Pickup teams will consist of two associates. The position will support the overall operations of sales and donations.

Associate will be familiarized with the policies, procedures, and goals of the Tamassee DAR School. Working professionally with co-workers, children, community, volunteers and donors with a positive attitude toward all aspects of the position; striving for success and a high quality of work being mindful that all personal and professional actions should reflect positively on the School.

Service Responsibilities:                           

Pick up/Delivery
Store environment
Receivables as needed

Expected Commitment

  1. The Thrift Store Associate is expected to work a flexible schedule to include weekends. (Part-Time, Saturdays, and weekdays.)
  2. The Thrift Store Associate must be available to assist with departmental activity as needed.




Title 1 Tutor


REPORTS TO:  Title 1 Teacher                                       CLASSIFICATION:  Hourly

QUALIFICATIONS:  Applicants should have a Bachelor’s degree. Applicants with a current SC teaching certificate or those who are in the process of obtaining SC teaching certification are preferred.  Must enjoy working with children, be creative and organized, patient in dealing with students of differing abilities, able to communicate simply and clearly, and be prepared to work out of school hours

WORK SCHEDULE:  Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday, 3:00PM – 7:00PM, 20 hours a week. Must be willing and able to flex time according to the needs and schedules of the students.


  1. Provide additional instruction in ELA and Math for students to improve classroom performance.
  2. Work with students, individually and in groups, with homework and remediation.
  3. Work with the students in the Academy Classroom supporting the needs of the students.
  4. Attend staff meetings and other training and development sessions as needed.
  5. Work with teachers and residential staff, as well as the students to increase awareness of strengths, weaknesses and resources to improve academic success.