It’s a Ministry; it’s a Calling

May. 3, 2019

In 2013, Haley’s path brought her to Tamassee DAR School’s residential program as a student from a nearby, small town in Georgia.

From a very young age, Haley realized that she wanted to help others.   After graduation, she worked as a nanny and then as an in-home caregiver for adults who were not able to care for themselves.  Today Haley has returned to the Place of the Sunlight of God where she now serves as a Teaching Parent to help children in need just as she was helped.

When talking about her work as a teaching parent, Haley states, “I do not view myself as a mother figure or a best friend.  My goal is to prepare the students for the future and hopefully prevent them from the struggles I experienced upon leaving Tamassee.  If I inspire a few of them to someday return as a Teaching Parent, that’s even better!”

Tamassee DAR School is a place where children and families can seek support, love and guidance to build a better future.  We do this by trusting God to help us provide the highest quality of care for the children and families that seek our support.

Teaching Parents, those adults who live in one of the seven homes on our campus, directly interact with the children.    Through their daily living, our children are comfortable interacting with every staff member and volunteers throughout campus.

As one of our seasoned Teaching Parents once stated, “I love children and I love watching them grow.  It is rewarding to teach them basic life skills and watch as they become productive little people.  My favorite times of the day are early morning as we work around the house and in the evenings when we settle in with popcorn and a good movie.  The position is challenging but rewarding, and the rewards are greater than the challenges.”

“It’s a ministry…..a calling….a desire in your heart to make a difference in the life of a child” is how Human Resource Director, Jan Honeycutt has described working at Tamassee DAR School.  For Tamassee DAR School staff, success is not only  measured by the amount of a paycheck or by the career advancements you have achieved during your time of employment, but by the trust you see growing in the eyes of a child who has experienced betrayal, the warmth in a smile where there was once a hesitancy to share feelings of joy, and evidence that a confident nature has overcome feelings of defeat and fear of the future.  These are just a few of the rewards that keep the staff of Tamassee DAR School feeling successful in their chosen careers.  In the end, it is ordinary people doing extra ordinary work for children in need.

For full time Teaching Parent employment opportunities, working with the young people of the Tamassee DAR School, call Jan Honeycutt at (864) 944-1390, or check out our employment opportunities at: