“Hunger” For Learning

Nov. 21, 2016

For over 97 years students at Tamassee DAR School have been encouraged to develop a love of lifelong learning.     They have also seen through the success of previous Tamassee students that a good education leads to a brighter, more promising future.

The Tamassee Middle School Academy plays a vital role in helping children prepare for their high school experience.   Using programs such as Why America is Free and by capitalizing on current trends and interests of middle school aged children, the instructors can relate Math, Science, History and English to real life situations that capture and hold the student’s interests.

As a part of their study on dystopian literature, Tamassee DAR School Academy students in all 3 middle school grades are reading the popular Hunger Games series by Suzanne Collins.   While reading the books, students study theme, symbolism, and vocabulary, but they are expanding these basic lessons by also participating in a make-shift Hunger Games simulation.

As in the book, each class of students represents a “District” and goes through a method of selecting a student “Tribute” to compete in the games on their behalf. Democracy in action! Other students are selected to perform marketing type jobs to give their Tribute a distinctive personality, establish an image, obtain sponsors and create advertisement to build fan support, all the while learning about business management and marketing.   Strategic thinking skills are being utilized by those acting as “Gamemakers” who assess the weaknesses and strengths of each Tribute and create competitive games based on those outcomes.

Throughout the project, students gather Friday afterschool to watch their Tributes compete in the Class Hunger Games competition.

The learning experience has been successful for the students and teachers involved and has provided Friday afternoon excitement for everyone on campus who is watching the competitions and rooting for the students!

It is never too early for a child to develop a love of lifelong learning.   Please contact Janis Young at 864.944. 2270 for more information regarding the early learning programs at the Pennsylvania Children’s Center here on Tamassee DAR School campus.

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