Donor Tributes

Those listed below have made a donation to the Tamassee DAR School Children’s Fund in memory of, or in honor of someone special in their life.  What a wonderful way to say “thank you” to those who have made an impact in your life, while providing for a young person working hard on building a brighter future.

We appreciate all of the tributes that have been made during this Season of Gratitude Campaign and say thank you to the donors as well as to those who made special contributions to their lives.

In honor of Dulcie Fusillo
Given by:  Laurel Hatley

In memory of William C. Saunders
Given by:  Kathleen Lee

In memory of Virginia C. Saunders
Given by:  Kathleen Lee

In honor of Jack and Marian Gilliland
Given by:  Jean Levett

In honor of Ponte Verda DAR
Given by:  Aileen Hatcher

In memory of James Umberhandt
Given by:  Dorothy Lee

In honor of Sunni McCrary Bond, DAR Hilton Head
Given by:  Judith Kane

In honor of Justin & Beth Winter
Given by:  Margaret Hendricks

In memory of Marjorie Voehl
Given by:  Scott Fischer

In memory of James Charles Alessi
Given by:  Donna Alessi

In honor of New York Cottage
Given by:  Marjorie Musil

In honor of Marian and Anson Raymond
Given by:  Anson Raymond

In memory of Martha Nimmons Parker
Given by:  Anna Williams

In honor of Julia A. Farrigan
Given by:  Jan Hogan

In memory of Lucy Blackerby Ayers
Given by:  Lucy A. Gunthorpe
Commodore John Barry Chapter, NSDAR

In memory of Barbara Schreiner
Given by:  Karan Llewellyn

In honor of Mary Ann Nuttall
Given by:  Frederick Nuttall

In honor of Linda Hawkins
Given by:  Clayton Wheatley

In honor of Jean Robinson Abrams
Given by:  Dell Amick

In honor of Trip & Judy Agerton
Given by:  Margaret Hendricks

In memory of Sylvia Jensen
Given by:  Dana Anderson

In honor of Jim & Carol Katsikas
Given by:  Ron Vayo

In honor of Jean Dority
Given by:  Peter Dority

In honor of Gail and Bobby Newton
Given by:  Jane LaGrone

In memory of Virgie Lee Davis
Given by:  Robert Sanders Jr.

In honor of Evelyn M. Frye
Given by:  Donna Schuch

In honor of Barbara McGrey
Given by:  Steve McGrey

In honor of Phebe Sanson Morgan
Given by:  William Morgan

In honor of Daryl and Sue Cunningham
Given by:  Ortiz Family

In memory of  W. A. “Bill” Hines
Given by:  Anonymous

In honor of Sheila Davis Carr
Given by:  Sheila Carr

In honor of Barbara Tornow
Given by:  Joy Kelly

In memory of Betty Joyce Boatright
Given by:  David Smith

In memory of Elizabeth Crawford
Given by:  Anonymous Donor

In honor of Cory Roach
Given by:  Kenneth Roach

In honor of Valerie McCormick Sikes
Given by:  Scott Sikes

In memory of Archie and Frances Muckenfuss
Given by:  Archie Muckenfuss III

In memory of Elizabeth P DuRant
Given by:  Susan McElreath

In honor of Joseph McDowell Chapter, NSDAR
Given by:  Nicole Fine