Heartfelt Tribute to the Founders’

Nov. 21, 2016

Traditionally, as part of the Tamassee DAR School Annual Founders’ Day Program, an alumni is invited to provide the keynote address “Tribute to Our Founders” This year, it was our privilege to have Krystal Youmans, Class of 2005 participate.   Below is an excerpt from her heartfelt message.

Krystal came to Tamassee at the age of 13, just days before starting the 7th grade.  She said, “When I think back to my time as a student at Tamassee, I can’t help but feel thankful for the many people who impacted me during the eight years I lived here. Even though I may have not understood it then, I know now that I would not be who I am today without the love, support, guidance and encouragement I received during my adolescent years and continued to receive once I was no longer a student on campus through the After Care program.

For some, Tamassee DAR School is shelter and protection from a bad home, for others it’s the first opportunity to focus on education. Children feel what it’s like to have their own room or even their first time having their own bed to sleep in. But for me Tamassee was about having stability, structure, and security during my teenage years. These are the building blocks that have followed me through college into my chosen profession, into adulthood, motherhood and contributed to my success story today.

My diligence to put forth my best effort in my cottage, on campus and in school led to great opportunities I would have not experienced if not for coming to Tamassee.

I remember being able to participate in off campus events such as clogging trips, singing and performing in the hand bell choir.  I learned the fundamentals of good manners through the writings of many thank you letters, and how to present myself as a true lady by acting as a Page during Founder’s Day many years ago. I gained a new level of confidence when I had the opportunity to attend Washington D. C. Continental Congress as the Tamassee DAR School student representative.

I have fond memories of doing my homework in the Learning Resource Center and for the first time in my educational experience, not feeling less than smart for needing extra help with my math skills.

I have now completed my degree in Dental Assisting and am a proud graduate of Tri-County Technical College where I was Vice President of my program and graduated with a 3.6 GPA! You see, I did not know the journey I would go on but I learned very early during my time at Tamassee that success was within my grasp.

To the students here today, I know one day you will look back on these times and remember how it felt to be part of this beautiful, amazing and special school. Being here today reminds me that Tamassee DAR School is not just The Place of the Sunlight of God, but more importantly, our home.”