Gearing Up to Go Back to School

Aug. 12, 2019

As the closing assignment in the Tamassee DAR School Raymond Middle School Academy last May, the students were asked to write a letter to those who would be entering the Academy in the Fall.

Yo, my name is Anna, and I am currently in the 6th grade.  Next school year, I will be in the 7th grade.  Let me tell you, 6th grade is the best grade on campus.  Now, I will inform you of some things to help you be successful as a 6th grader next year.

During the 6th grade, you will need to be quiet and listen to what the teacher is saying.  Try to get all A;s or at least A;s and B;s because grades are important, believe it or not.  Remember actions have consequences whether they are good or bad.  Remember to be respectful and keep up with your materials.  Even if you don’t understand the work that is put out in front of you at least try.  Trying can get you a long way.  It is always good to have friends, but make sure they are good influences on you.  If you are being bullied or witnessing someone being a bully, then tell a teacher.  Don’t be afraid to speak up.  Don’t be a bully either because that can scar a person for life. 

In conclusion, remember to leave all of your bad habits in the 5th grade and come into the 6th grade as a new person.  ~ Anna

The Raymond Academy is located on the campus of Tamassee DAR School and serves students in the 6th, 7th, and 8th grades.  The Academy instructors are South Carolina state certified teachers whose class plans are based on the required SC educational curriculum. The teacher-to-student ratios are small and provide the instructors with the opportunity for the detailed assistance necessary to help students “catch up” academically to their grade status and provide social guidance.

Our goal for each child completing the Academy Program is that they achieve the educational background and skills necessary for a successful public high school career.

A parent of one of our day students remarked, “Watching her struggle each year broke my heart. I see a light in her eyes again.

Some children struggle in traditional classroom environments. She was one of those children. The Academy teachers understand what she needs to be successful and they inspire her to want to be successful.

School has always been a struggle for her. I gave up asking how her day was because it always ended in tears. Now she comes home smiling and offers to share her day with me.

To learn more about the Raymond Academy or any of Tamassee DAR School’s programs and services visit us online at or schedule a visit by calling our office at 864.944.1390.