Fun with Drama

Jul. 9, 2021

Summer Day Camp continues on the Tamassee DAR School campus as campers have been involved with STEM projects, followed by adventures in theatre production.

During STEM week, campers spent many hours in the robotic room of the education building.   The young would-be engineers overcame challenges as they built robot-type constructions, and then used computers to code commands.   With help from the camp counselors and others in their groups, the students resolved problems and reached their final objective – the creation of robots who could follow computer commands.

While the older students tested their knowledge of robotics, the younger ones were eager to mix various compounds to create desired outcomes. Using some of their favorite dessert ingredients such as, chocolate chips, graham cracker crumbs, and pudding mix, the students each created their own cup of soil pudding.  As each layer was added, they compared it to the layers of earthly soil that surround us.  Afterwards, they all got spoons and shoveled their freshly made soil into their mouths!

The focus of the current week’s activities has been drama and theatre.   The younger children spent the week reading childhood favorite stories.   Using paper bags or socks, they were tasked with creating puppets resembling the characters in the three books they had enjoyed.  The week will culminate with the happy campers collectively writing their own play which will include all of the puppet characters.

While the young ones scripted plays built on fiction, the older students were invited to script a play which re-enacted one of their personal and favorite, real-life situations. Their instructions were to create feel-good stories, which resulted in pride and self-confidence in themselves.  Each camper then had the option to perform their own play, or to simply bind it as a keepsake of a pleasant summer camp memory.

Next week the theme rotation will return to week one and focus on sports and recreation.  We invite you to enroll your student for single weeks, or for the remainder of the summer camp schedule.  Please contact Mr. Tyler at 864.944.1390 ext. 114 for more details.

While Summer Day Camp continues through August 13, Tamassee’s afterschool team is focused on plans for the upcoming school year, which begins August 16th.  The success of last year’s program has excited and motivated staff members to return bigger and better for the 21-22 school year.

Enrollment is now open at Tamassee’s Pennsylvania Children’s Center for the incoming class of South Carolina First Steps 4K program.   This is the same instruction that is provided in the public schools, but with lower teacher to student ratios.  If you would like your 4 year old’s love of learning to be filled with individual instruction and hands-on learning, we look forward to enrolling your child in our program.  Please call Amy Wills at 864.944.2270 or visit our website at www.tdarschool.org for more information.