Fulfilling Dreams

Nov. 21, 2016

Fulfilling Dreams….

The 2016 Summer Olympics are here and the stories of sacrifice, dedication and hard work by the participating athletes from around the world are being shared on television and other media outlets.  In each case, it all started with a dream and gained momentum through encouragement by friends, family and adults who believed in their abilities and stood by them through it all.

While listening to the stories and picturing the athletes growing up, I found myself drawing comparisons to the children at Tamassee DAR School. Among other struggles, our children understand sacrifices, they are dedicated to the process of working through the grief and losses they have endured and they are focused on hard work in their school careers.   Their reward?   A brighter future for themselves and their future generations.

The athletes we see on television had friends, family members and in some instances total strangers who supported them in their quest for perfection. Once the dream for a better future finds a home in hearts of Tamassee DAR School boys and girls, they too are blessed to have adults who believe in them, cheer their untiring efforts, encourage their progress and celebrate their successes.

Just as Olympic winners express their gratitude to those who made their dream real, we thank everyone who supports our children in their quest to a brighter future.

In 2015, the Pennsylvania Children’s Center was selected as one of the Daycare Centers in the state of South Carolina to become a licensed provider of the South Carolina First Steps 4K program.   This will mark the second year the 4K class has been offered on the campus of Tamassee DAR School. This 4K experience is the same program offered through the South Carolina Public School system and incorporates the same curriculum being used. The program provides readiness for children preparing to enter elementary school, a critical component of the foundation for educational success that can lead to that brighter future. Classes will begin August 17, 2016 and we would love to have your child begin their path to lifelong learning in the Pennsylvania Children’s Center.   For information, contact Janis Young, Pennsylvania Children’s Center Director at 864.944.2270 or visit our website at www.tdarschool.org.

This Children’s Center is just one of the programs offered at Tamassee DAR School to support children and youth in their quest for success. Please take the opportunity to learn more about the many programs offered at Tamassee DAR School on Wednesday, August 17 from 6 p.m. – 8 p.m. at the Tiki Hut Outdoor Grill in Seneca when we will be hosting Community Giveback Night. Enjoy a free all you can eat Italian Buffet, a silent auction with all proceeds benefiting the Children’s Fund, and spend time chatting with Tamassee DAR School Staff and our new CEO, Lori Bailey.   It will be a fun evening and we hope to see you there!