Following a Plan to Success

Feb. 21, 2020

Michael was 17 years old when he arrived at Tamassee DAR School in the fall of 2019.  Prior to joining his new Tamassee family, Michael was a member of a residential facility near the coast of South Carolina until it was determined a change of location and scenery would be beneficial to his success.

Upon his arrival on campus, a Comprehensive Care Plan was developed between Michael and his Care Coordinator.   The plan, which every student completes, includes goals specific to each one and is followed as a roadmap to success during their time at Tamassee.   Prior to coming to campus, Michael had started pursuing a General Education Diploma (GED). This goal was immediately a part of his Plan of Care.  Michael was enrolled in a local GED program, and we began working with him in the on-campus Learning Resource Center to strengthen his focus on education.  Today, we are very excited to announce that we will be celebrating Michael’s successful completion of this certificate at our annual Awards Day event on May 18, 2020.

As is the dream of most young men when they celebrate their 16th birthday, another goal included in Michael’s Comprehensive Care Plan was to obtain a beginners’ driving license permit.  To his delight, this goal was successfully fulfilled while on Christmas break.  We are so very proud!

Having been named to the Tamassee Often Privileged Students (TOPS), Michael earned the privilege of participating in the student work program.  Students achieve the TOPS honor through positive behavior and meeting cottage expectations.  Working on campus provides students additional training in independent living skills as they relate to becoming responsible employees and personal finance management.   During his employment in the student work program, Michael became a valuable member of the Tamassee Thrift Store Team.  Store manager, Dawn McGaha described him by saying, “Michael was a pleasure to work with!  He was a hard worker and took the initiative to start and finish tasks.  I am looking forward to seeing him reach his dreams in the future.”

Today, Michael is still a member of Tamassee DAR School’s residential program, but he is now employed by an organization in the community performing work responsibilities in a field that he loves.

When asked what he liked about Tamassee DAR School, Michael stated, I appreciate how supportive everyone is and how willing they are to help in any area.  I feel comfortable being open with the adults who help care for me here, and I am at ease sharing not only the positive things in my life, but also challenges I face.”  His teaching parent, Ms. Jean says, “Michael has been an exceptional student.  Trying to adjust to a new environment is hard, and using the tools provided through Tamassee’s programs and services, I see success in the future of this young man.”

As a privacy precaution, the name of the student in this story has been changed.