Focusing On Education

Aug. 27, 2018

Monday morning, the big yellow buses rolled through campus once again.   As we watched the children board the buses we were excited to be a key component of their educational experience. Providing positive learning environments, focusing students on their education, helping them recognize their strengths, and encouraging them to pursue a career of their choice is what Tamassee DAR School does best.   It’s what we were founded to do, and it’s what we have been doing for over 99 years.

In Tamassee’s earliest years, Dr. Ralph Cain, the school’s first administrator wrote of excursions into the surrounding mountain communities to locate families who were struggling to provide their children with an education.   The families understood the need for “book learning”, but because schools were scattered time and distance, and danger, often dissuaded the children’s attendance. There were also daily chores to be considered; sick family members who needed cared for, and responsibilities for younger children in the home that the school aged children often bore.  Education was not a priority. While the immediate needs of the family were being met, the future for the individual child was often destined to be the same as the generations before.

Today the geography may be different, but there is still the need to locate and help families struggling to provide a good education to their children. Family situations sometimes interfere with their ability to focus on the education of school aged children.  Loved ones struggle assisting students with homework assignments, providing the resources needed to prepare research papers, and monitoring grades and report cards to ensure the student is progressing.  Through our private placement program, we can help.

Our staff is dedicated to the academic success of each child. During the week, the children attend Oconee County Public Schools and also have the opportunity to utilize the on campus middle school Academy.   The goal of our Academy is to teach the SC State certified curriculum while simultaneously, closing any gaps in learning. This program, ensures students are ready for the academic demands at the high school level before graduating from middle school.  Students in the Academy enjoy their learning experience and are comfortable in classrooms with others who are also struggling.

After school, our Library and Learning Resource Center is available for every child and is staffed by tutors, teachers, and volunteers who help each student complete homework assignments, review the day’s lessons, and prepare them for the next day.   Our satisfaction comes from watching the academic achievements of each child at Tamassee.

We currently have openings for privately placed children. Privately placed children spend weekends, holidays, and other times with their parents or primary caregivers. Our residential and educational services allow you to focus on simply loving a child in your care. Contact Tamassee’s Admissions Coordinator at 864-944-3022 to learn more. Tamassee DAR School has never turned anyone away because of their inability to pay. Fees for our programs and services are based on a sliding scale, and scholarships are always available.