Embarking on the 2nd Century of Service

Dec. 27, 2019

Before the final sun sets on 2019, we would be remiss to not revisit the year that marked Tamassee’s centennial anniversary.

We hope you had the opportunity to participate in the events that recognized and celebrated the vision of our Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) founders 100 years ago.   Their amazing foresight is equaled only by the undying commitment of its members to continue their love and support to the Place of the Sunlight of God.

We hope the staff and students grew their appreciation for the rich history and the long tradition of service that has improved the lives of thousands of children and families in need.   The Tamassee birthday party featured the students from each cottage dressing in a decade specific outfit, recognizing key moments in the time periods they represented, and then tributes to former students who made positive impacts on the world since leaving the Place of the Sunlight of God.

We hope our friends and neighbors who visited campus during the community celebration event felt loved and appreciated for the many ways they have opened their hearts, their pocketbooks, given of their time and resources, and much more to answer the call of Tamassee’s needs.    From the initial gift of the land for the school in 1917, to the dining hall fire in July 1988, to current day Christmas gifts for the children and everything you do every single day – We appreciate you!

While the celebrations and the recognition of this milestone year required days, weeks, and even months of planning, there were also some key developments during the actual year that brought changes altering Tamassee’s course as we embark into the 2nd Century of Service.

In August of 2019, a change in the Chief Executive Officer position saw Jon Holland, taking on the challenges of the interim position.

Under his guidance, the Tamassee Navigator program was developed and introduced to the children and staff.    Throughout Tamassee’s history there have been programs to grow patriotism and a strong sense of community responsibility in the children being served.   The Tamassee Navigator program will provide for those character building traits to once again be a focus as we move forward.

The expansion of the Academy program to include at-risk high school students is an exciting chapter in Tamassee’s story.   It seems appropriate that entering the 2nd century of service, Tamassee is in some ways, returning to the roots of her founding.

In the fall of 2020, Tamassee will be offering programs that provide hope and the opportunity to young adults wishing to break the cycle of poverty in their lives once and for all.  Partnerships with area schools, industries, government offices, friends and neighbors will help fill the need for qualified industry workers while helping these student achieve their dreams.

Thank you for a successful centennial year and for your commitment into the next 100 years.