Educational Students Are Reaching for the STARS

Mar. 4, 2022

We take learning seriously. Our programs for community children are designed to develop habits and an educational foundation that will benefit the students as they move forward in the academic careers.

Tamassee DAR School’s early childhood learning program has three goals for the children we serve. Ninety percent of brain development happens by the age of five, so our program promotes a child’s mental, speech, social, and emotional development. We use one of the nation’s premier curriculum and assessment tools so you can see their growth. Children who enter kindergarten ready to learn have a much higher rate of staying on grade level, avoiding special education, and graduating from high school. Our program will have them ready for success when they begin school. A love of life-long learning begins in our most formative years. Our caring and trained teachers work alongside the primary caregivers that will ensure your child’s success throughout life.

Tamassee DAR School’s afterschool program for kindergarten through middle school students includes four components. Teachers, and volunteer tutors who are there to help the children we serve to excel in their homework, plus offer extra support for areas of need. Our afterschool teachers use a fun, evidence based curriculum to ensure every student achieves grade level in reading and math. Our students grow in the values of good citizenship though activities which are a part of our Tamassee Navigator program.  Our team will guide and inspire all children to be proud young Americans and tomorrow’s leaders. Students in our program will gain confidence through an array of enrichment activities—from arts and crafts to music, from STEM lab to health and wellness, from recreational sports to outdoor explorations, and more.

Our afterschool staff and dedicated tutors have focused on helping students complete their homework in various subjects. They have also spent time reading with the children to encourage reading, ensure comprehension and enforce the notion that a good book can take them on exciting journeys.

Our education staff in afterschool as well as, early childhood learning have completed mid-year academic assessments on our students, and both programs are seeing impressive results.  We are happy to share those successes with you now.

Early Childhood Learning Program (Infants to 4K)

  • 31% of children live in poverty
  • 100% of children meet all six developmental benchmarks
  • 100% of children are improving in all six developmental benchmarks
  • 38% of children exceed at least one developmental benchmark

Afterschool Program (Elementary and Middle School)

  • 24% of children live in poverty
  • Over 75% of students improved in reading and math
  • The average improvement was a full grade level
  • 100% of students participate in STEM learning
  • 100% of students participate in citizenship projects

Congratulations to each student!  We are currently planning our summer camp which is rich in activities that combine summertime fun with continued learning opportunities. To learn more, call Ms. Erin at 864.944.3022.