Education – The Goal is Still the Same

Aug. 11, 2017

Over 98 years ago Tamassee DAR School was founded to help children and struggling families in the Southern Appalachian Mountains obtain an education.   Schools were scarce and often times required long walks over the dangerous mountainous terrain just to attend.    Parents and family members, who may not have had the opportunity for a formal education themselves, failed to see the value in classroom learning for their youngsters and did not encourage it.   Consequently, the history of illiteracy and poverty that inhabited their family unit would most likely linger on.

Through the years, the value of a good education has only increased. The higher the educational accomplishments, the more financially successful and independent a child can become as an adult. Without a high school diploma, employment doors are shut and the childhood dreams of becoming whatever they wish are reduced to minimum wage positions that limit opportunities and lower self-esteem.

At Tamassee DAR School we understand the important role education plays in a child’s life. Children in our care have the benefit of Teaching Parents who focus on the student aspect of each child.    They ensure homework assignments are completed and turned in timely, partner with teachers to understand progress reports, encourage the children to do their best and then celebrate their accomplishments!

The Tamassee DAR School Academy is an on campus middle school taught by South Carolina State Certified Teachers. The goal of Academy Teachers is two sided.  While they instruct 6th, 7th and 8th grade students on the core curriculum for English, Math, Science and Social Studies, the teachers’ are aware of each individual student’s weaknesses and work to simultaneously build those skills.  The classrooms are small and individualized attention is the key to the success of the program.   As the student leaves the Academy to begin their high school career, they are confident in their abilities, competitive in their studies, and more successful.

Our Learning Resource Center (LRC) is available to every student, regardless of grade level.   Afterschool the LRC is where the students gather to complete homework assignments, work on school projects, study for future tests, and work on areas where they are academically struggling.   Teachers, staff members and volunteers are on-hand to assist each child as they progress through the school year.   At Tamassee DAR School everyone is committed to the academic success of each child.

Do you know of a struggling student who could benefit from the educational opportunities and support offered through the programs at Tamassee DAR School?   For private placement information, visit our website at or contact Erin Cash at 864.944.3022 ext 113. Let us help your child be successful in their academic career.

Please join us Wednesday, August 16 from 6 pm – 8 pm at the Tiki Hut Lakeside Grill in Seneca, SC for Community Giveback Night. A free Italian All You Can Eat Buffet will be available to enjoy while you learn more about Tamassee DAR School.   Cost?   A donation of $10, $24, $50 or whatever your heart leads you to give.  A silent auction will also be held.   All proceeds benefit the Children’s Fund.